Only Keylor Navas wins the pardon

Not even the Atlético in New Jersey made him persuade Real Madrid that Without intensity, commitment and concentration it is impossible to compete in elite football. Penalized for the same sins that buried him last year and threaten to bury him again in which he already appears not to mediate a purpose of amendment that was only seen in the second part, the whites squandered the first against Tottenham in a new exercise of apathy turned into heresy when in front is a whole runner-up in Europe.

Much more shot, with its premiere in the Premier just around the corner, the 'Spurs' inflicted the Zidane's third preseason loss to the team, who lost a chance to compensate after the humiliation that his rival from the capital subjected him days ago and sharpened doubts about a project touched already before the campaign kicks off. If I did not have such a black precedent, what happened at the Allianz Arena would hardly happen as an anecdote, but coming in a vapule size, load of arguments to those who stir the ghost of the crisis.

He has work ahead of Zidane in the two and a half weeks remaining for the start of the League, but remains reluctant to vary his road map. In a scenario that paved the way for the 'tenth', the 'twelfth' and the 'thirteenth', the Marseille He confirmed his commitment to the old guard and endorsed his allergy to revolutions. The rear and doorman of the triennium of 'orejonas' without brake, Modric and Kroos in the engine room and Benzema as a reference of an attack front in which two signings broke in, Hazard and Rodrygo.

Real Madrid

Keylor Navas, Carvajal (Odriozola, min. 79), Varane (Nacho, min. 80), Sergio Ramos, Marcelo (De la Fuente, min. 80), Lucas Vázquez (Vinicius, min. 64), Kroos (Valverde, min .64), Modric (Seoane, min. 80), Hazard (Isco, min. 80), Rodrygo (Kubo, min. 80) and Benzema (Mariano, min. 80).


Gazzaniga (Lloris, min. 46), Foyth (Tanganga, min. 46), Alderweireld (Lucas Moura, min. 46), Vertonghen (Davinson Sánchez, min. 46), Rose (Georgiou, min. 46), Winks (Walker -Peters, min. 46), Ndombele (Sissoko, min. 46), Lamela (Dele Alli, min. 46), Eriksen (Skipp, min. 46), Son and Harry Kane (Parrott, min. 66).


0-1: min. 22, Harry Kane.


Tobias Stieler (Germany). He admonished Georgiu and Sergio Ramos.


Audi Cup semifinal match, played at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

For a Madrid that came out sleepy the three previous shocks, it was already a surprise that it was Tottenham who was responsible for committing the first pifia, when Benzema was three sad to hunt a bad delivery from Vertonghen to Gazzaniga. Modric was welded with the nonsense of the Belgian power station giving a ball to Keylor Navas in a way that is not permissible even in children.

Beginner Bugs

Tottenham immediately became in command before a Madrid in which Hazard moved more through the center, leaving Rodrygo on the left side. Whites need the Belgian to operate as a driver of a foreseeable attack to satiety. But without game creation or his immense talent he will help a set that is still starving in the spinal cord. Modric and Kroos were shipwrecked once again. Without anchor to keep their backs, neither elaborate nor sustain. Casemiro, taking shape in Valdebebas, is essential even if Pogba arrives.

More information

But the weakness in the center of the field is far from the only recurring evil of the whites, who are still weighed down by beginner mistakes. In that face the palm is carried Marcelo, who lived a 'déjà vu' when he came to the rescue of a ball that was going outside and served on goal the goal to Harry Kane. It was July 30, 2019 and the Allianz Arena in Munich, but it could well be on August 15, 2018 in Tallinn, when a European Supercup on track went down the drain for rojiblanco rejoicing. If the English 'killer' gets to adjust the shot after a fantastic pass from Lamela, the destruction to a Madrid that had already saved several times Keylor Navas would have been greater.

Lamela's freedom was nothing but the product of laziness in the pressure of Zidane's players, another sin that is on its way to being endemic, such as the reluctance to hit at the slightest opportunity, something that has not been seen since the escape of Cristiano Ronaldo. The first shot was executed by Kroos and was hardly worthy of such a name because of the timorato. Hazard also tested, also with no fortune. And although Benzema had a good chance after a counter led by the former Chelsea, his left-footed shot took too high.

He did not turn Zidane men on the break. He is clear about his army and will be immolated with him if necessary. Yes he refreshed his eleven Pochettino despite the fact that he was suffocated in the first half was Madrid. In any case the whites improved, who raised lines, finally went to the fray and they forced at least his rival to put on his combat uniform.

They threatened Benzema and Hazard, reinforced by Vinicius reached the equator of the second half while Valverde contributed the verve that Kroos lacks. But again Keylor Navas had to prevent Son, Harry Kane and Dele Alli from widening the gap with their feline reflexes. The Costa Rican was by far the best of his team, taking advantage of the absence due to injury of Courtois, which will again compromise if the Belgian does not raise his benefits as much as Zidane and the board have covered him with gallons. Only the archer who was shown the exit door deserved the pardon on another day for the anxiety of Real Madrid.

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"Without the honorary office Germany would not work" | TIME ONLINE

Peter Postus, 56, has been a volunteer at the football club SV Vestia Thistles in Herten since 1972. Now he has submitted a petition in which he calls for a financial enhancement of the honorary office.

TIME ONLINE: Mr Postus, the football club is about football. Also more?

Peter Postus: Yes. Football clubs in Germany make a significant contribution to the common good. First of all, preschoolers can do sport to a degree that is not possible with ecclesiastical or urban bearers. Not just football, by the way. We also offer young people, adults and seniors many opportunities. Not only do sports clubs do a lot for their health, they also enable communities and friendships across nations and beyond. They enable daily integration. And last but not least, they convey and live values ​​in dealing with each other.

TIME ONLINE: Which honorary Appointments is there any thistles in your club, the SV Vestia?

Postus: A lot: board, tutor, supervisor, referee and referee support, space, jersey, care of the clubhouse, space maintenance, stadium announcer, cashier, beverage purchase and sale, equipment attendant, clothing attendant, event planning, internet presence, marketing, public relations and sponsorship , And much more.

TIME ONLINE: How much work is that?

Postus: The people in sports clubs invest a lot of time. Studies have calculated the monthly work, in pure football clubs it is 23 hours, which corresponds approximately to my current expense. It is estimated that volunteers in sports clubs work two million hours a month nationwide. This results in a value added of around 30 million euros.

TIME ONLINE: So you've made a petition requesting an enhancement of honorary status. An appreciation of the non-political honorary office, to be precise. What do you have against politics?

Peter Postus was player, coach, referee, youth leader, supervisor and chairman in thistles. Since 2018 he has been honorary award winner.
© private

Postus: Nothing, but for many years, the political honorary office is paid in many states. My city Herten costs almost 500,000 euros per year. All 44 volunteers of the Hertener Council receive 386.80 euros per month, the vice-mayor and the parliamentary group leaders and their deputies 1,160 euros. Some have several offices. Is it even possible to speak of volunteering or are they already mini- and part-time jobs? Politics secures privileges and makes use of taxes again, which unfortunately fits into the current picture. Of course, political volunteering is important. But it is more important than that in sports or at the fire Department or the Red Cross? I see there a great difference in treatment, especially as chairpersons of sports clubs are liable with their private assets for wrong decisions. I have not heard anything about liability in politics.

TIME ONLINE: The sports clubs, after all, the instructor's fee. It is possible to earn 2,400 euros per year in a sports club without having to pay taxes or social security contributions for this sum.

Postus: However, this corresponds to a discharge of at most 100 euros a month. In addition, most clubs can not afford this package.

TIME ONLINE: But volunteering is not about money.

Postus: Yes, personally I am not concerned, I have never received anything from my club and I do not want it in the future. Unfortunately, however, the willingness in Germany to volunteer decreases. At the same time, the demands on an association are rising. Something has to happen. The policy should consider new models, such as tax benefits for volunteers.

TIME ONLINE: Your petition does not make a big impact, does it?

Postus: That's right on the one hand. Unfortunately, they only supported 165 people, now they are examining the Petitions Committee. On the other hand, another 165 people worrying about the future of volunteering. Above all, I want to draw attention to the topic, even in political circles. Without the honorary office Germany would not work. But its value is emphasized only in Sunday speeches or on posters. The DFB, the largest sports federation in the world, does too little for volunteering.



Real Madrid: Keylor Navas reopens the dreaded goalkeeper debate at Real Madrid

Real Madrid Had a great game against Tottenham




The winless streak of Aaron Sanchez continues while Tampa Bay Rays passes the Toronto Blue Jays

TORONTO – Starter Aaron Sanchez and the Toronto Blue Jays experienced a reversal on Sunday when the Tampa Bay Rays overcame a seven-fold disadvantage to score a 10-9 win.

A day after the Blue Jays had overcome a 9-2 deficit to win 10-9 in the 12th inning on a Teoscar Hernandez walk-off homer, Sanchez was about to end his three-month winless streak just to see Toronto cough up its own lead.

He left with an 8-3 lead after 95 pitches – 67 for strikes – and 10 strikeouts in a loopless 5 2/3 innings. He started the game with a club record six straight strikeouts and only one Ji-Man Choi single in the first 13 batters he faced.

"I wasn't aware (the six straight strikeouts were a record), but someone told me after the game," said Sanchez, whose 10 strikeouts were shy of his best career. "It's cool. But I wish we had won the victory there. All those things don't really matter unless you win."

Sanchez (3-14) has not won since Toronto defeated Oakland A 7-1 at home on April 27. The mighty one failed to win his next 16 starts, including 13 losses and three no-decisions. He had lost 10 in a row for his impressive no-decision shutout-performance against Cleveland last Tuesday.

Sanchez left the beam catcher Travis d & # 39; Arnaud at second base after he hit a two-run with a double. Blue Jays-reliever Justin Shafer brought Nate Lowe single to midfield to score d & # 39; Arnaud and make it 8-4.

But Toronto pushed another run in the bottom of the inning when Vladimir Guerrero Jr. singled to the right and brought in his third RBI of the game.

But as good as the Toronto relievers were on Saturday when they hit the Rays no-hit together in the last six innings of the game, Shafer, Joe Biagini and David Phelps stranded.

Biagini gave up a two-run shot to Choi in the seventh inning. Guillermo Heredia hit a two-run explosion, and Willy Adames made it back-to-back explosions with a solo recording of Phelps in the eighth to tie the game.

That set the stage for scoring the leading run in the ninth. Toronto reliever Daniel Hudson loaded the bases with two walks and a single by Austin Meadows.

Hudson made way for it Derek Law. The first batter he encountered, Joey Wendle, hit a helicopter to second base to score the deciding point.

Amid the wild game, the Blue Jays veteran traded utility Eric Sogard to the rays before allegedly shipment Marcus Stroman to the New York Mets. The trades were able to open a selection for minor league infielder Bo Bichette to join the team for the Blue Jays series in Kansas City.

Sogard found out 15 minutes before the game that he was replaced in the right field. But the exchange for two players mentioned later will only be completed after a medical round.

"It was definitely an interesting scenario," he said. "I was sitting there thinking for which team I should cheer. These last two games were absolutely wild.

"It would have been nice to start the game with the Blue Jays and then finish it."

After discovering the trade, he retired to the Blue Jays clubhouse to pack his things and say goodbye to teammates and staff.

Sogard, 33, turned out to be not only a capable lead-hitter, but also a positive influence on young Blue Jays. He made the most of his time in Toronto after being signed for a minor league contract in the off season.

"Since this man stepped into that first day of spring training, he gave us a veteran presence," Sanchez said. "He has won teams. He came in and everyone knew we were young, he came here to play a hard nine."

Sogard stayed back in Toronto on Sunday evening and will join his new teammates in time for their series opener in Boston against the Red Sox on Tuesday.

American Football

Chris Rowland named preseason All-America


Rowland 's 18 – yard touchdown narrowed the gap to 24-13 at halftime for East Illinois on the Tennessee State.
Nashville Tennessean

Chris Rowland of the Tennessee State has been named a third STATS FCS Preseason All-American team.

Rowland, a 5-foot-8, 170-pound Ravenwood product, formed the team as a punt kicker.

He was the second All-OVC team last season as a wide receiver and return specialist.

He was also Phil Steele OVC Special Olympics Team Player of the Year and Phil Steele's All-OVC All-OVC All-OVC Playoff Player last season as a junior.

Chris Rowland, of the Tennessee State, is ranked sixth in the country averaging average kickoff last season, with 14 shots for an average of 13.0 yards. (Photo: Tennessee State Athletics)

Rowland of Nolensville led TSU with 57 receptions for a total of 727 yards and scored five touchdowns last season. He was ranked sixth in the country on average return punt cleared, returning 14 shots for an average of 13.0 yards. He had a long punt return of 42 yards.

The Tennessee State opens its season on August 31 against the Mississippi Valley State at Nissan Stadium. The Tigers go to the MTSU on September 7th. Both games will start at 18h.

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Abdou Diallo: "I am an applied guy, focused and motivated"

Abdou Diallo is, with Idrissa Gueye, the most expensive rookie of Parisian summer. Purchased 32 million euros in Dortmund, the central defender is already going through the matches in this phase of preparation.

How do you feel about this team?

ABDOU DIALLO. Better and better. Already physically because we work a lot. The first games of the season are always difficult, especially here in China. We may not realize it on TV but it feels like playing in a sauna.

What is your assessment of the preparation?

It's not over! There are still training and a match in China (Note: the Champions Trophy) and we hope to bring back a title. Physically, it's tough, with extreme conditions. I hope it will serve us for the future.

Exactly, do you fear a particular match on Saturday?

Obviously, it complicates the task. But it will be also for Rennes, who arrives only two days before the match. You have to do with and have no excuses. We must win.

We saw you working tactically with Thilo Kehrer in training on Monday. What does the coach ask you?

We did a lot of ballooning, which we could not do before because of the physical work. Little by little, the coach will bring his tactical touch. We will have to integrate his requests as quickly as possible.

Kevin Trapp and Abdou Diallo visit sick children at Shenzhen Hospital.
Kevin Trapp and Abdou Diallo visit sick children at Shenzhen Hospital.

Do you think that a time of adaptation is necessary?

Yes. I hope it will be as short as possible. I work for.

Have you found friends in this locker room?

I already knew players, the France France team, Monaco, Germany … In football, we all know each other. I have not finished meeting the whole team. South Americans arrive tomorrow (Editor's note: Wednesday). I take my marks and everything goes well. It's cool.

There is a big competition. Do you fear that?

You have to have ambition, all dreams are allowed and we are here for that. I take what to take. I knew what to expect when signing to PSG.

What should PSG supporters who do not know you expect?

An applied, focused, motivated guy who will give the best of himself for the team and who hopes to develop a maximum.


Caster Semenya is out at a global championship after a new court ruling

Facing a Swiss federal court back, t Caster Semenya She announced that she will not cost her 800 meter title at the falling world championship.

The court reversed earlier control allowing the South African runner to compete as it pulls new rule on tracking federation convince her and some other female athletes to suppress medication hormones.

“I am very disappointed to keep defending my earned entitlements,” said Semenya in a statement. “But this will not prevent me from continuing to fight for the human rights of all female athletes involved.” T

The International Assn. The Athletic Federations rule focuses on women “sexual development differences”, which means they have natural testosterone levels over the normal range of women.

The IAAF requires that this condition, which they consider to occur in seven of every 1,000 female runners at the elite level, is an unfair advantage because testosterone is responsible for the mass and strength of the muscle.

Such athletes were given the choice to compete in events between 400 meters to the mile: Take medication to change their body's chemistry, they change distances or go compete with men.

Semenya, a twice-time Olympic gold medalist and a three-time world champion, have been continuously scrutinized for the quick times, broad shoulders and muscular construction.

She initially challenged the rule in the International Sports Arbitration Court, when she lost, and then turned to the Swiss court system.

“The decision of the judge's procedure does not affect the appeal itself,” said her solicitor, Dorothee Schramm. “We will continue to appeal a Caster appeal and fight for its fundamental human right. A race is always arranged at the finish line. ”

The IAAF world competitions have to be held in Doha, Qatar, in September.


The national team of Union for men takes problems with Cordeiro

The players' association for the American national men's team criticizes the efforts of the American football president Carlos Cordeiro to counter the arguments of the female team in a battle for the reward.

Cordeiro sent a letter to the members of the federation on Monday stating that US Soccer paid the women's world championships more than the men's team in the period from 2010 to 2018.

The letter came when the federation was confronted with increasing public pressure on wage issues. Players for the women's team filed a federal lawsuit in March for discrimination based on gender by US. Soccer in matters such as compensation. The issue was highlighted at the Ladies World Cup in France, where the public "Equal pay!" Sang after the American victory in the final earlier this month.

"The women's national team players deserve equal pay and are entitled to seek legal redress at the court or congress. The Federation rightly points out the different payment systems with USWNT players on contracts, but we don't believe this is a justifies discrediting the work they do or the true value of their great impact on the American sports landscape, "said the US National Soccer Team Players Association in a statement released Tuesday.

U.S. Soccer also claimed that the women's team generated less gross revenue than the men's team from 2009 to 2019 and that the women's games resulted in a net loss of $ 27.5 million for the federation over an 11-year period.

The men's team's union struggled with those points and pointed out that they had no context.

The men's and women's teams have separate collective bargaining agreements and different pay structures. Players in the ladies team receive salaries, while men are paid with bonuses.

The American women's team won World Cup titles back to back, while the men did not make it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The national team contract for men expires at the end of 2019. The union said in its statement that it is awaiting a response “to our proposal that the men would pay a fair share of all the income they generate and offer equal pay to USMNT and USWNT players. "


A fair for life

With the plot of uncertainty involved, with more doubts than certainties, the La Blanca ball fair has seen the light. At the last minute, the City Council and companies closed an agreement so that Vitoria does not run out of one of the most important events of the August festivities of the capital of Euskadi, which has kept the flame of history alive for a century.

The appointment of La Blanca should be a fair for life. He must never die. If at the dawn of the twentieth century was the demolished Vitorian pediment meeting point of the Bolazales, since 1979 it has been the Ogueta. This enclosure collected the witness of the ancient installation of San Prudencio Street. In 2019, the tradition that has not been interrupted will continue despite the obstacles encountered in the design of its journey.

As the castizos say, and they express themselves well, "it is not a fair to shoot rockets." It's only three days of competition. The 5 and 6 will be played in the semifinals and 9 will be the finishing touch. In the first offer, Bengoetxea VI and Imaz will compete with their company partners, Mikel Urrutikoetxea and Albisu. A quartet attached to the painting by Baiko Pilota.

The VI of the Bengoetxea, so often pointed to evil, has great ingenuity. Impeccable in attack. His game is full of finesse. He anesthetizes his rivals with his paraditas at 'txoko' and from box three to the front he likes to exercise his particular tyranny. His auctioneer repertoire is infinite and he does not like to spend time with subtleties that go nowhere.

Mikel Urrutiketxea has not signed a successful season. In the final of the Manomanista he was defeated before Iker Irribarria and an important fissure was opened in his mood. It will take as squire Jon Ander Albisu, listed as an artilleryman.

The second semifinal features two couples from the Vidarte promoter. Irribarria and Rezusta, two prestigious left-handers, will face each other with Ezkurdia and Zabaleta. The components give the ball a brutal treatment. They have a groundbreaking touch and with a basket of much flight can shatter the front of the Ogueta. It is hoped that the material that is put into play does not negatively influence the development of the duel.

In Iker Irribaria, who holds the title of the Manomanist, the most prestigious of the modality, fans will have their sights set. It is a pelotari that assumes many risks and that when you have the afternoon face it is nice to see its many delicacies. As life insurance you will have Rezusta that if you activate your cannon it is scary. And Joseba Ezkurdia and Zabaleta are two rightists with a lot of gunpowder in their hands.

However, there are two sensitive casualties. Aimar Olaizola and Jokin Altuna. According to his company, the Navarrese striker has not reached the level necessary to reach Vitoria. And about the Guipuzcoan they say that it accumulates a lot of work.