• The former boxing European champion Karl Mildenberger is dead.
  • The southpaw was known worldwide for his spectacular fight for the World Heavyweight Championship on September 10, 1966 in the Frankfurt Waldstadion.
  • Against Muhammad Ali, the challenger held his own until the twelfth round, before the referee took him out of the fight after several head-hits.

The German boxer Karl Mildenberger has died. The former boxer died on Thursday at the age of 80 years in a hospice in Kaiserslautern. This was confirmed by his wife Miriam der FAZ, The Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer (BdB) responded with dismay: "This is very sad, a great has gone .. With the fight against Ali he has secured a place in the boxing history," said BdB President Thomas Puetz.

Unforgettable is the day, September 10, 1966, when Karl Mildenberger, who in his time boxed in the atypical legal display, offered the "greatest thing" to 35,000 spectators. Over twelve laps he held against the deceased in 2016 Muhammad Ali in the Frankfurt Waldstadion through – his defeat was then called his "greatest victory".

Mildenberger had the honor to fight as the first German boxer in Germany for the World Cup belt in the premier class. The 10: 1 outsider employed Ali almost the full distance, but the referee took him after several head hits from the fight. For the demolition defeat conceded the challenger proud 220 000 marks.

Mildenberger had more than earned the fight. Before the encounter with Ali, he fought his way up to fourth place in the world rankings. He got the chance of his life. "Muhammad Ali is and always will be the best boxer of all time and I am happy that I was able to fight against him," said Mildenberger later.

As a 31-year-old Mildenberger ended his career

"It was my toughest fight since winning the title against Sonny Liston," said Ali. The residents of his hometown honored Mildenberger's performance the day after the fight with a very special gesture. 30,000 Palatine cheered "leniency", as they called him, as he drove in an open convertible five kilometers across Kaiserslautern.

Two years later, as a 31-year-old, he ended his career at a young age, but quite consciously: "Ten years and not more, that was clear to me from the start, I always thought about my health and wanted to be able to continue speaking normally. " From 62 pro-fighting won Mildenberger 53 (19 by K.o.), three ended in a draw and six times he lost.

Until his retirement in 2002, the 1.87 m tall Mildenberger worked as a lifeguard. Even on his 70th birthday was celebrated big, then retired the boxer retired with his wife. Even as a spectator, Mildenberger did not pull on the boxing ring, he did not like his successors: "Everything is bauble, they are not boxing anymore, they are not fights anymore," complained the former champion, thinking of more brilliant times.

Blow by blow

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