At the age of 12, Mbappé was already talking about quotas in football

At the age of 12, Mbappé was already talking about quotas in football

In May 2011, Kylian Mbappé plays in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) and is only twelve and a half years old. However, the boy is already invited to speak in front of the cameras on a sensitive file: the practice of quotas in football.

This sequence, filmed by Agence France Presse reporters, resurfaced on Thursday as PSG – the current Mbappé club – acknowledged the existence of an ethnic registration in its training center between 2013 and 2018. A case revealed by the Football Leaks but which results from a "personal initiative", defends the Parisian direction.

"The best were blacks and Arabs …"

Here is what the young Mbappé said. interviewed as other playmates and coaches at the A.S Bondy Football Club (from the 30th second in the video). "We look in history, the best was blacks and Arabs, apart from Platini, Cantona and all that …", then launched the young Francilien, with on his shoulders the jersey of AC Milan flocked number 70 Brazilian Robinho. These are the only words of Mbappé preserved in this subject entitled "The suburban football rejects the quotas of the FFF".

When Mbappé evoked quotas in football in 2011 (30th second)

At the time, the issue of technical registration was indeed targeting the very bodies of French football. It was the "quota business". The idea of ​​imposing quotas on binational youth had emerged at a meeting of the National Technical Directorate (DTN) in late 2010.

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According to Mediapart, Laurent Blanc, the coach of the time, said he was quite "favorable" to this idea by arguing: "What are currently as big, beefy, powerful ? Blacks […] I think we need to refocus, especially for boys 13-14 years old, 12-13 years old, have other criteria, modified with our own culture […] The Spaniards, they told me: We do not have a problem. We Blacks do not have any. "Laurent Blanc had in the wake of his revelations apologized, admitting that some of his remarks" may lend ambiguity. "

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