Aston Villa: John McGinn and Steve Bruce "A Game in Heaven" - Alan Stubbs

Aston Villa: John McGinn and Steve Bruce "A Game in Heaven" - Alan Stubbs

John McGinn hopes to make his debut against Aston Villa against Wigan Athletic

The new Aston Villa, with John McGinn and coach Steve Bruce under contract, is a "match in heaven", according to former midfielder Alan Stubbs.

McGinn joined Villa for a reported fee of £ 2.75 million from Hibernian.

"He has all the traits to be a great success at Aston Villa," Stubbs told BBC Scotland's Sportsound.

"I think he's an absolute stealer – if John McGinn plays in the first league and he gets a move, you'd probably be talking about over £ 10 million."

Celtic had rejected bids for McGinn before he matched Villa's offer, and Stubbs believes the Scottish midfielder had been "torn between the two".

"I'm not sure if it was a financial decision," he said. "I think if you have two great clubs competing for your services, John gets paid well by both.

"He chose Aston Villa as their next destination to do well.

"He had a really massive decision to make and he talked to many people about it."

"A class on and off the field"

Stubbs was full of praise for the player he signed to Hibs in 2015 from his current St. Mirren club when he was about to sign a contract with Houston Dynamo for Owen Coyle.

"From the beginning, when he signed for the day he left, he was just one of the best on and off the pitch," he said.

"It was a pleasure to be a coach and coach, and he has come from success to success.

"Every time a question is asked of him or demands have been made on him, he has taken up the cause and that, to me, is the mark of a top player.

"He has all the traits to be a real success at Aston Villa – not only his use of the ball, but also his use of his body, his back and his leg strength are so strong.

"You need that momentum when you come to England when you play big physical players."

Stubbs revealed that McGinn had called him after signing for Villa.

"I told him to say thank you," he said, before comparing the Scottish midfielder's influence to the games with Steven Gerrard in Liverpool.

"Technically he is better, his overall game has improved, he has become more physically mature, he is stronger, stronger, he has more intelligence than a footballer on the pitch and there are not many players that can dictate the game or the game through that Pick up the neck.

"It's a great move for him, he's with a great manager in & # 39; Brucie & # 39; and they're a game made in heaven."

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