Arsenal: Unai Emery prevailed over all opponents against Mesut Ozil - Pain In The Arsenal

Arsenal: Unai Emery prevailed over all opponents against Mesut Ozil - Pain In The Arsenal

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has created his own style that should not be compatible with Mesut Ozil. But it's more than just Jive. Of course, Arsenal fans were overjoyed when Mesut Ozil joined the club. He was the first superstar in years. In addition, it was easy to see that there is no longer an "Arsene Wenger" player than Mesut Ozil. The passing game, cerebral, safe on the ball, was the ideal player Wenger would have wanted for his club. The perfect end to all his attempts to find the perfect midfielder. Unnai Emery is very different from Arsene Wenger. From the moment he was introduced as the new head coach, everyone wondered how he would get along with Mesut Ozil. Who was a prototypical Wenger player and not an Emery player? Emery built his clubs on athleticism, effort, high pressure and movement off the ball. Basically, all the physical components of the game, at least in the first place. Ozil built his career on the mental aspects of the game, on vision and understanding. He was not someone who wanted to push for the defense of his opponents, nor was he someone who wanted to backtrack and defend, even if he was the one who had lost the ball. We have seen it so many times and have collapsed. More from Pain in the ArsenalOzil was even bred out of the Emery XI as he tried to stay on the pitch after a disappointing personal season. And then Leicester City happened. He was the best he ever had. And then the Crystal Palace happened, and Ozil struck out when he crashed early. And then Liverpool happened, and Ozil did something that I think I've never seen before – he fought every minute on the court. He was determined not to go under the table again. He also had to understand that he was not at his best in this match, otherwise he would just have continued what he had done and let him come, whatever he liked. But he did not do it. He dug himself in and fought for his time. Now, Ozil says he could end his career at Arsenal, where he was once open to go to Turkey in his later years to play there before retiring. Next topic: Arsenal vs. Sporting CP Player Ratings This is no coincidence. Mesut Ozil was won by Unai Emery, while many, including myself, wondered if it was not Emery who ousted Ozil.

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