Arsenal: Unai Emery is really doing something new - Pain In The Arsenal

Arsenal: Unai Emery is really doing something new - Pain In The Arsenal

In the first season of Unai Emery Arsenal is currently able to accumulate 79 Premier League points. Arsene Wenger did that only five times. The Spaniard is really making something new. When Unai Emery arrived in London Colney on July 1, nobody knew what to expect. Arsene Wenger had made Arsenal for many fans' lives. The crew was in a strong flow and transition. The Premier League seemed fiercer than ever. Emery's job was far from enviable. And when he was asked what success he would have at his introductory press conference in late May, Emery was aware of the pitfalls that are in putting a number to which he can hang out, simply saying: Advancement. Well, three months after his term of office, one can say that progress is the least he has achieved. More of Pain in Arsenal Arsenal is currently unbeaten in all competitions on 15 games. They have climbed to fifth place in the table and appear to improve with each passing week. Their best performance of the year is achieved in a 1-1 draw with Liverpool last weekend. That is a clear progress. But it is only the beginning of the new life that Emery breathes into the corridors of the Emirates. After 11 games, the Gunners have 23 points. Assuming that they keep the same pace throughout the season, they will end up with 79.45 points. In the 22 years Wenger ruled, they only reached the 80-point mark four times, all in 2008 or earlier. In fact, over the last decade, under Wenger, Arsenal has improved 75 points only once and reached 79 in the 2013/14 season. Emery is really doing new things. But there are more than just the points. Emery has led this team to 25 goals this season, with only Chelsea and Manchester City scoring more. If they continue at the same pace, they would score 86 points in a league 38 league. Wenger only scored 80 goals three times during his tenure, the highest was only 87. Do you want to hear your voice? Join the Pain In The Arsenal team! Write us! Now there are some defensive problems to solve. A current pace of 48 goals over a full season is not good. Only twice have there been more in the North London team than under Wenger, one of them last season when they allowed an astonishingly poor 51. In the last six league games, however, it was only five that spoke out against strong, adversarial opponents Liverpool, Everton and Leicester City. And more than just the results, goals and achievements, there is a new, connected feeling around the club. The vocals "We have our arsenal back" tells you everything you need to know. Next: Arsenal vs. Wolves: Expected launch of XI Emery breathes new life into this club. And it's absolutely wonderful to watch.

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