"Arsenal" - "Manchester City" - 0: 2, Sterling, Silva, analysis of the match Premier League

"Arsenal" - "Manchester City" - 0: 2, Sterling, Silva, analysis of the match Premier League

If I had to tell about this match to a person who did not watch it, I would limit myself to just one fact. Three players, "Man City", who most owned the ball in the first half – Mares, Stones, Walker. Three players, "Arsenal", who most owned the ball – Cech, Gyonduzi, Jaka. All this is enough to describe the picture of the game.

What do the three names of City players say? The fact that on the flank of Marais and Walker created an overload, to the opposite edge of the field to isolate Sterling against one opponent. It worked. Goal and one goal chance came precisely because of a sharp flank change. The fact that the problematic flank of Arsenal was consciously chosen for overloading: the one on which Maitland-Niles doubler played from the first minutes (also on someone else's position). The fact that the plan did not encounter serious opposition: Walker and Marez were both in the four players of the City on the accuracy of the pass.
What do the three names of Arsenal players say? The fact that there is no one to play the game. The 19-year-old boy, who played for the first time in the top division and allowed more than any other player on the field (71% accuracy), was second in the Arsenal by the number of passes. That is, formally the game went through it. The fact that Arsenal did not know what to do with the ball.
"Arsenal" – "Manchester City" – 0: 2. Stefan Lichtsteiner and Unai Emery Photo: Shaun Botterill / Getty Images This is something incredible with Arsene Wenger, but now the fans will have to get used to: the team will be ready to give the ball in big matches. This will be compensated by the speed of attacks, when Arsenal players will have space. Until it came to score, but the moments were, especially when Lacazette appeared, and Obama made the flank.

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Different goals, but one reception
"City" scored goals, which, at first glance, it is difficult to compare. But they still have something in common. Both times the ball was scored by the player of the attack edge, which began with a half-flank, and then moved to the center and beat from the working foot. Sterling, too, was alone in the course of his scoring attack, although he began to mess with the ball and went into the stroke. Silva struck immediately, but his shift from the half-flank to the center put Arsenal's defense at a dead end. The absence of the left defender affected the second goal, but the first goal – what was it?
Weak place "Man City"
The support zone is vulnerable to pressure. Neither Fernandinho nor Gundogan can perform the role of metronome under pressure: they just do not open intensively. The game "City" quickly fell to the flanks: right in the first half, left in the second half. Bernard Silva did not fall behind the ball, but without help the central midfielders could not cope. This is a problem with the possession of the ball, because that's how the team has less options for promoting the ball. But an even bigger problem in the support zone is in the defensive phase.
Four unforced losses in his field, dangerous blows from outside the penalty area and freedom of Osil, which he did not use at all, are the defenses of the defense of the ligature of Fernandinho-Gundogan.
Explanations can be many, both can soon get a form, just note that the "City" in the game with the "Arsenal" had one system flaw. And he showed up: the team looked helpless in certain episodes. Namely, with rebounds after the rapid attacks of Arsenal. The rebounds were for the attacking team. Just "Arsenal" could not turn it into goals.
Agüero will sit in the reserve
At 30 he can not change to adapt to Guardiola's football, and he does not need to. This is the top player who would play in the start in any other team, but for the center forward of "Man City" he is too selfish. Even if he scored his grandiose moment, it would be only an indulgence: in the Guardiola system, the one who is in the best position for a strike beats on the gate is the law. Aguero braked out one on one and missed the point when it was necessary to give a pass on De Breuin, who would roll into the empty net. Then De Breuin was covered, but Sergio himself did not score. Let Jesus be inferior in class, he is less selfish player.
"City" will add
Very, very much add. Suffice it to say that the team went out to play the Emirates without Zane, De Breuin and David Silva. Three players, who last season knocked out 20+ points on the system "goal + pass." A good resource for strengthening the game. But it's not even in names. Although, when De Broigne came out, the productivity of the ball control jumped dramatically. The thing is that the transfer of Marais maximally unties the hands of Guardiola for experiments with positions. Sterling on the left flank, Silva in the center – while we saw two players in the new position. For sure, we'll see more, and all this is due to the transition of Marais.
Dribbling Algerian and the speed of the Portuguese – fundamentally different branded techniques, under which it will be difficult for defenders to adapt. But it can return to his native flank and fast train "Angle of the penalty – a spurt to the gate" Rahim Sterling. "City" and last season was a team with a high level of individual attacking skills, now they were added tactical variability.
In total, while we saw the team in two matches with teams from the top 6. Zero of goals conceded, total domination (as Pep promised), unrealized moments. Yes, City has problems, but even such teams are not strong enough to use them. It seems, if we want to see intrigue in the Premier League, all the hope is only for Liverpool.

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