Armstrong goes back to the gold, thanks to Uber - Mundo Deportivo

Armstrong goes back to the gold, thanks to Uber - Mundo Deportivo

Sometimes you decide to almost remember you, but later years it makes you millions of dollars. Have you never happened? I do not, but it seems that Lance Armstrong does. Things in life.
Almost 10 years ago, in 2009, Armstrong invested invested by Chris Sacca's risk investor, $ 100,000 (the change in the purchase of two bread lovers at that time) in an emerging company called Uber. The athlete did not have any idea of ​​what it was, according to the people who told CNBC that he thought "Twitter shares or something like that", but he paid attention to his consultant and made this decision a multimillionaire.

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When Armstrong invested in the company, its value was 3.7 million dollars and now worth 76,000 million, so it is easy to imagine that it must have a good pinch for its initial thanks. Remember, following the 2012 scandal to prove that competition was progressing, the International Cycling Union pulled back its titles, it was allowed for life and lost millions of dollars in sponsors plus expenditure arising from the judicial process ( lawyers, lawsuits …).
Universe Lance Armstrong and his family want to be a millionaires again. What's life

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