"America will not let Alvarez lose." The influenza of experts and fans of the Golovkin defeat

"America will not let Alvarez lose." The influenza of experts and fans of the Golovkin defeat

On the 15th of September 16th, Kazakh Gennady Golovkin's box for England Saul Alvarez was ruled (114-114, 115-113, 115-113) and lost WBA, WBC and IBO belts.
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Golovkin does not think he's worse than his rival. "I think for fans that it is a very good and exciting fight. I think I have made boxes better than I was," said Gennady.

The head of the "World of Boxing" advertising company Andrei Ryabinsky also showed a similar idea: "I saw Gennady Golovkin's battle with Saul Alvarez. My opinion is that Gena has won yet. As in the first battle. closely. The judges help Canelo, as well as that time, tell you here. "

The independent judge Harold Lederman Gennady 5 took 6 of the last 6 rounds, but official judges made a different decision. The wave is already thriving on Twitter – many users think that Golovkin is the winner of the battle.

Here is a tweet to a survey, where the user asked respondents to make a retweet for Golovkin and give a name to Alvarez. At the moment, Chesach has 1700 votes, Mexico has 1100.

But the HBO poll, here the figures are still more understanding: 62% vote for Golovkin, 28% – for Canelo, another 10% – for pull.

"Alvarez will never find you in Las Vegas, but only in this case can only count Floyd Mayweather. America will not let Canelo lose, because it's only a star, except for broadcast games for his participation, Americans pay money. Golovkin wins the two fights, but in the history he will not have the strikes, "- wrote by Darren Reed.

"Scam during the first battle. Robbing during the second. We all know who is the real driver," writes another user. Calls with another angry voice: "I finished boxing. This is a complete disrespect."

The Katmens of Ukraine believes Vasily Lomachenko and Alexander Usik Rass Abner also have played Golovkin's game in Las Vegas. "This is my card with ratings." 115-114 in favor of Golovkin. In addition, I could give Golovkin the last round and this would make his victory even more sure. He is Alvarez because of his courage, however, this is a controversial decision.

Golovkin won the fight and the belts could not be lost this afternoon. The only thing Golovkin did – was Alvarez still standing and pushing Gennady. Because of this, some rounds were really rough. A big contest between two big boxers, "Abner wrote in the instagram.

The Greek boxing commentator Grigory Stangrit signs the above features. "I think the judges have a wrong decision. Purpose I can still draw the result – one of the cards was drawn. The first round of eight fair matches was the winner was difficult to determine. But the last four rounds – the end of the fight – separately for Golovkin. Finally, he took this fight. I got 8: 4 for the rounds and 116: 112, well, even 115: 113. Well, even draw a big stretch , I can understand. But Alvarez does not win it.

This is to remember the history of the Pacquiao – Marquez fight. Four times they met, and all the time the judges gave victory to Manny, who was younger, more money. It seems to me that the same thing can be here. There will be a victory over a more promising future in financial terms, Alvarez. If they do not meet until Gennady finally ends up and Alvarez meets. Probably, except so. Well, there is financial sense. The money is a huge 15-20 million dollars. Everything for the third fight seems to be: the sports side, the financial one, the effort to restore the titles. Well, if they meet in the third time – it is clear that we will see ", – the words of Stangrit Sport24 are mentioned.

Finally, Golovkina supported the Russian hockey player Evgeni Malkin. "They went to you! We are you, brother," – write the "Pittsburgh" on the instagram.

Defeat from Alvarez was the first in Golovkin's career (+38, = 1, -1).
Because of Mexico there are now 50 wins, one and two draw.
Golovkina Appeal? Not sure, all right

Alvarez: "If people want the third fight against Golovkin, we will"

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