Alista Nava vs. 'Barby' at the end of the year

Alista Nava vs. 'Barby' at the end of the year

Mexico City – None had problems on the scale and the plan is that today they are victorious to be able to face at the end of the year. Mexicans Mariana Juárez and Jackie Nava will share function on Saturday night at the Mexico City Arena, and its promoters they bring a verbal agreement to be able to face them in November or next December. But before thinking about that lawsuit both have hard commitments. The capital "Barby" Juarez will exhibit for the fifth time his WBC rooster scepter against the Japanese Terumi Nuki. Yesterday, at the weighing ceremony Juarez gave 53,500 kilograms while the Japanese gave 53 kg. "It is a pride to fight in this arena, it will be my first fight here and there will be tickets sold out, "said the" Barby ", who is led by Promociones del Pueblo, a company that does not perform functions in that venue because it is managed by TV Azteca and in turn has an agreement with Zanfer, who has to Jackie Nava. In the pre-season, Nava will face the Venezuelan Alys Sánchez. Sanchez gave 54,600 kg, while Nava 54,700 kg. The function will be broadcast by Televisa and TV Azteca, but the second will only pass Nava's, while that the one of Chapultepec only the one of the "Barby". THE RESPALD In the middle of the fights of endorsement, the undefeated American Dewayne Beamon will face to the Martinino Martin Tecuapetla to eight rounds in weight fly, in what will be the gunda international fight of the program. At the time of going through the scale the United States gave a weight of 52,200 kilograms, while the Mexican had no problems to mark 53,300 kilograms. Another interesting fight will be between the capital Adrián "El Gallero" Pacheco (58 kilos) who will measure forces with Daniel Rojas (59,500 kilos) in fight to 8 rounds in super featherweight.

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