Alex Smith deserves better potential than his career - Arrowhead Addict

Alex Smith deserves better potential than his career - Arrowhead Addict

Alex Smith, quarterback from Washington Redskins, deserves a better end to his professional career as a devastating leg injury with complications.

On Sunday, November 18, quarterback Alex Smith of Washington Redskins suffered a potentially career-ending injury to the Houston Texans. The injury, a broken leg, had uncanny resemblance to one suffered by former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann – an injury that largely ended his career.

Smith's injury, however, is a bit more devastating. Not only does Smith have to heal from a spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula, it has also been reported that Smith suffered a postoperative infection that left him in hospital after his recovery. For Smith, it's not just the worst injury of his career, but one that may be called a career ending.

It's unfortunate because Alex Smith deserves better at this point.

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Smith began his career in 2005 after being selected by the San Francisco 49ers for the first time. In each of his first six seasons, he played for another offensive coordinator. If you can not develop chemistry with your offensive coordinator, it can definitely hinder your career. In addition, he dealt with a wealth of injuries that injured both his number and the success of the team early.

Smith eventually grew to lead the 49ers to his first NFC Championship since 1997. The following year, Smith again won games for the Niners when he suffered a mid-season concussion.

Smith's statistical numbers before his injury were impressive. However, after the team was released on medical parole, the team decided to leave it on the bench for the potential the team saw in Colin Kaepernick.

After the end of this season, Smith was traded to our beloved Kansas City Chiefs. He saw his most successful years with the Chiefs and shot less than 3,200 meters in each of the five seasons. He only threw more than 3,000 meters in his time with the 49ers. Smith has read the headlines, heard people talking and watching TV. He knows the labels. He was called his entire career as a game manager.

Smith never threw more than 8 interceptions at the Chiefs, and in his career he only threw 3 touchdowns in 3 different seasons – all 3 with the Chiefs. Smith's infectious smile and great personality made him a fan favorite in Kansas City. For years he was criticized for his unwillingness to go deep and / or lack of arm strength, among other complaints that Chiefs fans would voice.

Luckily, Smith has been well remembered since the Chiefs traded him to Washington.

"Smith was the right man for the right time [the Chiefs], He gave us stability and won many games. He was the epitome of a professional, "a fan told me.

Another fan said, "In my opinion, he is a chief. He will always be a boss and deserves our highest respect. "

The fan is not wrong. Smith had the best years of his career with the Chiefs under head coach Andy Reid. The chemistry between Smith and Reid was admirable. Despite its tendency to fold under pressure and "manage" the game, you can not only blame the postseason losses. Smith had helped to steer this team in the right direction, and the Chiefs eventually decided to trade with his new electrifying quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Smith definitely deserved better.

The Chiefs made the right move to trade with Smith, and perhaps it was the best move for him to give him a fresh start and a new chance to hunt a ring. Smith's biggest attempt to get a ring was the 2011 play-off run mentioned above, where he led his team to the NFC championship. It is sad when he puts his career on hold and possibly ends ringring after so many years. You really have to feel for the guy. He sacrificed everything for the game he loved. Despite all the obstacles, Smith never wavered in his attitude or resolve.

If at all possible, I would have liked to leave Smith on the bench for the 2018 season, just so he can get his ring. That may seem selfish at first, but it has chased after years of years. Now it seems unattainable. During his time with the Chiefs, he scored at least ten wins on average and missed the playoffs only once, when the team finished a record 9: 7 in 2013 and a better man. The Redskins were doing quite well with Smith in the middle and had a legitimate shot at a nice playoff run. Without Smith, the team's playoff hopes began to decline.

Smith had been a class act throughout his career. Indeed, it was one of the reasons he was selected against quarterback Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers, who was drafted in the same class as Smith. He has been nominated multiple times for the Walter Payton Award of the Man of the Year, an award recognizing a player's charitable contributions and community work. He has been in the Chiefs Pro Bowl selection in three separate seasons, and his career during his time at the club is something to remember.

Not only did the Chiefs win with Smith as a starter, but they also gained in part from Smith's willingness to look after his successor. Patrick Mahomes' success is partly due to Smith, having been behind Smith for the entire 2017 season. Mahomes was clear about Smith's mentoring role and how helpful she was. If he has not learned from one of the most intellectual quarterbacks in Smith, I do not know if Mahomes would see the success in this first season as a starter.

Say what you want about him, but there is no denying that Smith deserves better. Regardless of the team you are involved in, it is always sad to see a player injured, especially if it happens to someone like Smith. Chiefs fans should have no reason to hate him; He helped bring this team to where it is. His teammates loved him, his coaches loved him, and we fans loved him.

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I hope Smith can recover and hunt the ring. Smith helped lead our revered chiefs to the success we now see. We as fans should be thankful. During his career in Kansas City, the legacy and the activities left behind by him are not to be forgotten.

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