Aleksander Ceferin secures second term as UEFA leader

Aleksander Ceferin secures second term as UEFA leader

Aleksander Ceferin, the only candidate for re-election, is guaranteed a second term (four years) at the head of the European Union of Football Associations (UEFA). The 51-year-old Slovenian was appointed head of the European institution in 2016 after the forced resignation of Michel Platini.

UEFA is the European body responsible for the promotion and development of football at the continental level. Its president is elected by a majority of the presidents of the federations that compose it and is automatically appointed vice-president of FIFA (the international body).

While the Football Leaks create turmoil in the international football community, revealing sensitive information in recent months, including cases of fraud around financial fair play, international bodies play the card of stability to "restore" the l image of world football.

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