Al-Shennawi talks about the wear of the audience and restoration of African titles

Al-Shennawi talks about the wear of the audience and restoration of African titles

Mohamed El Shennawi, goalkeeper Al Ahly, said that the team in the game Guinea that took place on Friday Head on Friday in the Champions League championship of Africa had difficulty with the poor field that had a huge impact on Al Ahli. During the game, he found a little positive result, before the game was put back in Quay on September 22.

Al-Shennawi enjoyed all his colleagues for the performance and effort made throughout the game and returned to Egypt with an acceptable result after a draw against Al Ahly.

Al-Ahly said there will be other calculations at the Quay game return, and players have a strong force to settle the semi-based games in the African championship, especially as the team is walking step by step in the championship, to retrieve title.

Al Shennawi explained that the pitch had a huge impact, but more importantly, the team came back with pull; return the first foot and think about the return game.

The international goalkeeper responds to the Ahli official website that any player is involved in the amount of responsibility, and that there is no player with the necessary team and other reserves because everyone works for the benefit of the United Nations, and when an alternate player plays a role during the game, It's simple that every player in Ahli knows his role is good and his duties inside the stadium.

Al-Shennawi said his fans were encouraged during the game on September 28, he was happy and strongly encouraged him to continue his strong career with Al-Ahly and the national team.

Mohammed Al Shennawi, a message for Ahli fans, emphasizing that all the players are doing their best to win the games, and that they have a leading goal, which emerged in the Champions League, but At the same time, the team deals with each game according to their circumstances, Go ahead.


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