Al - Ahli lose and Al - Saeed spoils his luck

Al - Ahli lose and Al - Saeed spoils his luck

Al Ahly lose and Al Saeed turns his luck to Al-Manqar Al-Ahly loses and Al-Saeed spoils his luck, Al-Ahli loses and Al-Saeed gives his luck. Al-Nadar Al-Qadisiyah's first football team won a historic victory over Al-Ahly in the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, the "Jewel of the Jewel Stadium" and among its fans. The lens of the "citizen" took pictures of the Egyptian star Abdullah Al-Saeed, who lamented his luck after losing one of the chances achieved in the second half of the match Al-Ahli and Qadisiya in the ninth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman league championship for professionals. Abdullah Al-Saeed participated mainly in Al-Ahli and Al-Qadissiya, and did not appear at the expected level. He was taken out by Portugal coach Pablo Guidi after receiving the first goal. Ayman Khalif took part instead. Haroun Kamara scored the first goal in the 69th minute of the match between Al Ahly and Al Qadissiya in the 69th minute, and then added the second goal for him and his team in the 77th minute, amid objections from the players of the upscale, and resorted to the referee video technique that proved the validity of the goal. The balance of the first football team Alaraki 19 points in the League Cup Prince Mohammed bin Salman for professionals, after the match Al-Ahly and Qadisiya today, while the team raised Al-Qodsawi score to 7 points.
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