After the World Cup, Messi lifted the Super Cup with Barcelona

After the World Cup, Messi lifted the Super Cup with Barcelona

Lionel Messi returned to Barcelona and smiled again. Far from the sadness he experienced in the World Cup in Russia, in the first official game after his holidays Leo made a good contribution for Barcelona to beat Sevilla 2-1 in Morocco and lift the Spanish Super Cup, the first title of the season. Well early in the final, the VAR again showed that it came not only to stay but to avoid injustice. Thanks to his intervention, and as happened so many times in the World Cup in Russia, a bad intervention of the assistant referee was revised and so Sevilla could celebrate against Barcelona. It happened at 8 minutes, when Sarabia received in good position and beat with a shot crossed to Ter Stegen. It was 1-0, but the assistant raised the flag by pointing off-side. In the review it was clear that he was qualified and then the referee finally validated the goal that left the Messi team at a disadvantage. The goal changed, with all logic, the game's script. Sevilla embraced the victory and was buttoned in defense, while a Barcelona that was short of shooting was trying to get close to Vaclik's bow. Dembelé's climbs shook the drowsiness, while Semedo did his thing on the right side and Messi – who assumed as the new azulgrana captain and returned to compete after just ten days of training – he did his artisan job to find the holes in the Andalusian defense. Within that scenario, a ball stopped Messi at 26, which nodded Lenglet up, and a cross shot by Suarez from inside the area that went just wide of the mark, the clearest chances were to reach the tie. Barcelona crashed again and again, but on the other hand Sevilla was a chimera to pass half court with the ball dominated. It was difficult for Banega and Mercado to stand with that scenario, having so much talent from the other side. And at 41 the first time appeared the great opportunity to put justice on the scoreboard: a free kick on the edge of the area, ideal for the punch of Messi. La Pulga did not let it pass and looked for the goalkeeper's stick with precision: the ball hit the post, bounced off Vaclik's back and was served by Piqué to push it into the tie. Although the result was different, the outlook did not change. the second time. Barcelona cornered Seville, who, refugee near his bow, was waiting for the remote chance of a counterattack. Paradoxically, in this context the arrival of greater risk was for the Andalusian team, with a play of Argentine seal: a corner of Banega that Franco Vázquez combed in the first stick so that the ball hit the top of the crossbar. Just when it seemed that Sevilla was more comfortable with the process, and with a shot by Mudo Vázquez from outside to dreamed of taking everything, the imbalance appeared with a spectacular play by Barcelona. At 33, Messi quickly took a free kick to leave Dembelé with space for free to advance to the area of ​​Sevilla. The Frenchman settled down and took a long-range demolishing shot that hit the crossbar and became the scream of the relief of Barcelona.Recién there, Sevilla went forward. The Chilean Arturo Vidal entered in his debut, and already with the Chilean on court it seemed that the Messi took the conquest without great anguish. But then a failed closing of Jordi Alba before an entrance of Aleix Vidal favored the striker, who when looking for the ball ran into the exit of Ter Stegen. They were 44 minutes and it was a penalty for Sevilla.Ben Yedder had the big chance then, but he took a shot too announced that the German goalkeeper controlled without even bouncing. That was the end of all hope for Sevilla and Barcelona finally could scream champion. In a season in which his great aspiration is to raise the Champions, for now he has the first title in his hands. To start with confidence and for Messi to try something sweet after the bitterness he experienced with the National Team in the World Cup.

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