Advantages for the week NFL 14 weeks - ESPN

Advantages for the week NFL 14 weeks - ESPN

We analyze the NFL Week 14 commitments with predictions for each game from the reporters, what you must follow about Fantasy and ESPN Football Power Index projections. DOTTY DIFFERENCE: NO-8 | Match quality: 76.4 (out of 100) Select Mike Triplett: The Bucs hope to beat the Saints for a third time, which has never happened. The Saints want to recover from the offensive problems they have shown last week in Dallas and should not be complicated with the Tampa Bay defense that lets 29.6 points per game (the third in the NFL), but New Orleans may have to fight a bit with the rain and the wind. They also have to do a few things to destroy what happened in Week 1: break the battleship and include their competitors. The Saints can affirm the title of the section with victory and loss for the Panthers. St 27, Buccaneers 20 If you want to get the best information from the sports world, download the App now. »
Pick from Jenna Laine: They have registered 24 sacks since Mark Duffner's defense in Week 7, the second place in the series in that period. Drew Brees rarely raises and puts pressure on a young secondary school protection player who had not started at the end of the last week. The Bucs also have a consistent land attack and protection No. 1 at their opponent in that section. It will be difficult for them to leave Brees & Co. on the side. Saints 28, Buccaneers Introduction 24FPI: NO, 74.2 percent. This is very simple Brees is the second full index (84.2) and has aggressive aggressiveness No. 3, according to the FPI. The Nauticals have protection for the worst rival quarterbacks index (66.9) and the worst fourth in efficiency. Differential points: KC -6.5 | Matching standard: 69.5 (out of 100) Select by Jamison Hensley: There are 109 points in the first quarter of this scheme, 34 more than any other NFL team. The Ravens are not built for such a game with Lamar Jackson at the controls and the focus of the current game. Baltimore's third game streak will end at Arrowhead Stadium, where Kansas City is not losing from November 26, 2017. Principals 27, Ravens Adam Teicher 17Pick: The offspring of the offensive transactions No. 1 and protection No. 1. Since 2006 they have a 4-1 record and not only that, there are 27 points in each of these games. The Chief Leaders have at least 26 points in each of their games and will not oppose the Ravens. Kansas City will playoff spot with victory. Princes 30, Introduction 24FPI Ravens: KC, 75.2 percent. The best raids were in eight weeks (46.8), but since then they were among the worst 10 (64.3). This can get worse before the Chief and Patrick Mahomes. Weighted points: HOU -4.5 | Match quality: 62.7 (out of 100) Select Mike Wells: Andrew Luck comes out of the first game that he had stopped after seven years in the NFL and now the hottest team in the series has run nine wins directly. He started in Week 4 against Indianapolis. The Texans are the tenth best in the series and have 4-2 in the last six games against the Colts. Frank Reich team can be dismissed from playoffs with another defeat. Texans 35, Colts 24Pick by Sarah Barshop: It will be another game with many points, similar to what happened in Week 4 in Indianapolis. The Texans will continue with their streak and will only be the fifth team in the Super Bowl era with 10 straight wins and losses in the same season. Texans 30, Colts 27FPI Projection: HOU, 64.0 percent. With three games ahead of the Colts, Texans have a comfortable position towards play and 98 percent may have a chance to go into a loss. Indianapolis must have a win to continue in the fight as a 3% arrangement of options will be combined with them. DOTS DIFFERENTIAL: GB -6 | Matching quality: 57.7 (out of 100) Choose by Vaughn McClure: The Falcons have not been positive enough and they are leading the two aspects of the game. Undoubtedly, the Packers will try to copy the things that the Ravens did last week by pressing Matt Ryan. And while Aaron Rodgers has just lost Los Falcons, his ability to expand the plays, especially at home, is very difficult. Packers 28, Rob Demovsky 21Pick Falcons: Nobody knows how the players will play after dismissing Mike McCarthy. One way to see it is that they will want to show that they did not have the problem, so they will come out and give everything. Regardless of the case, they are unknown waters in Green Bay. Packers 24, Projection 23FPI Toys: GB, 64.1 percent. Combine the two teams for victory in the last four weeks. Atlanta shows problems in all aspects in the four consecutive final losses as the second worst in aggressive efficiency (23.7) and the worst eighth in protective efficiency (27.7). DOTTY DIFFERENCE: NE -7.5 | Matching standard: 40.6 (out of 100) Select Mike Reiss: Tom Brady is 2-6 against the Deffs in December and January during the regular season and one of the key issues is the discomfort generated by the players traveling since I'm coming back from Miami with that feeling. This is why it will be different this year: Xavien Howard, the backup of the Dulphins and the best protective player may not cause a laptop problem. Without a favor of the Patriots People, the title can reach divisions with victory. Patriots 31, 17phick Dolphins by Cameron Wolfe: Many moisture is expected in Miami on Sunday. Different players from the Patriots, including Brady, have noticed how heat and moisture is a factor in their recent problems in South Florida against the Dolphins (1-4), but this team has injured Miami and they do not move balls consistently, plus they will not rely on Howard. The rival may be so tough in this issue in Miami and that he will act on the issue. Patriots 38, Dolphin 13FPI Projection: NE, 75.7 percent. The Patriots have 17 consecutive matches that appear to be the best Dolphins in accordance with the FPI since 2010. New England can be a basic step towards the rest in the first round since victory 84% and 49 percent with loss. DIFFERENT DOTS: CAR -2 | Matching quality: 29.1 (out of 100) Choose David Newton: The Fathers have their hearts against the wall. Cam Newton said "Is Santa listening?" When they questioned what it means to eliminate the winning four-game streak if they hit Cleveland. Carolina has experienced problems as visitors, just one of them in one try, but they will find a way to control Ron Rivera and their aggressive approach to protection. Panthers 28, Browns 13Pick by Pat McManamon: The Browns are third in the series in interventions with 14. They did not deliver in Houston the same day that Newton had four passes by enemy hands against Tampa Bay and this is the difference in this game, at home Browns 28, Panthers 20FPI Projection: CAR, 59.8 percent. The banners are seen as an option in this game, according to the FPI, but they must apply their recent bias. In the last four weeks, Carolina has 0-4 records with the second worst protection efficiency in the series (19.4) and Browns have the second best attack in this area (82.3). Dotted Dot: NYG -3.5 | Match quality: 26.4 (out of 100) Select by Jordan Rannan: After the next week, the Giants have three talents in four games and receiver Odell Beckham jr. They think they're playing "very good" compared to when they saw each other in October and maybe it's right. They allowed seven pieces in that game against the Redskins and their aggressive line had not been improved only 10 ago. Washington has also injured and it is therefore difficult to repeat the story. Giants 23, Redskins 16Pick of John Keim: The Redskins have two games before the Giants and they still expect the playoffs, but there are no competitors there. They will probably not have six on Sundays and will have Field Marshal Mark Sanchez, who signed them three weeks ago. Washington is crawling to the finish line. Giants 24, Redskins Introduction 14FPI: WSH, 53.3 percent. Redskins had a 53% chance to go into the playoffs before losing their streak through a game, but they have to beat the Giants to have a minimal option. Washington is not shown as your favorite in any of the three games that they lack. Points featured: BUF -3.5 | Qualification of matching: 14.4 (out of 100) Select by Thumbnail: This is a bad indication for the Jets. Sam Darnold reappears after action and will be rustic in the first game with a low temperature in his life. Buffalo belt protection will cause problems for teams in New York that are only three in its final five final games. Bills 23, 12Pick Jets Mike Rodak: The Bills seem like Favorites in Las Vegas for the first time this year and it's a good reason. They broke the 41-10 Jets last month at the MetLife Study by Matt Barkley. Josh Allen can not withdraw his success since he came back from the injury, but he may have a good day against the worst protection of the series in rods allowed against the game (450.7) , including the previous game against Buffalo. Bills 26, 20FPI Jets Projection: BUF, 71.5 percent. The Bills show that they are better in three of the final four games and 71.5 percent seem to have won the Jets. It is the widest margin from Week 1 of the last season when measuring the Jets. Weighted points: LAC -14 | Matching standard: 50.2 (out of 100) Select by Katherine Terrell: Gan Andy Dalton or A.J. The worst defense in the series facing any of the best offenses in the NFL is blue, it seems that the Bengals seem to be good, which saw how the season was lost after breaking. They looked badly when they were offended like the Saints or the Heads. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where it is better for visitors. Chargers 34, Bengals 21Pick by Eric D. Williams: The Bengals have reduced their commitment and as a visitor since Jeff Driskel's second game is at the beginning. The Chargers will depend on Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson and the current game against defense – the worst in the series – which lets 153 yards per game. Chargers 27, Bengals 10FPI Projection: LAC, 90.3 percent. Philip Rivers is third in the NFL in a rating of pasta (75.6) and is close to his best record as a professional when he was 77.2 in 2009. In fact, he looked better like a home visitor this year, but against the Bengals this may change as the second worst in this section is 66.3. DIFFERENT DOTS: DEN -5.5 | Matching standard: 27.1 (out of 100) Select by Jeff Legwold: The Broncos Conceived how the job was complicated to injuries to fans Emmanuel Sanders and Chrisback Jr. Corner. There are three consecutive wins in Denver and now their mark is 6-6. As linebacker Von Miller said, "They have tried us and we are a humble team." But young people have had great results, especially for a crime. Phillip Lindsay and Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton's receivers will have a big impact to find out if they will play the playoffs. Broncos 27, 49ers 20Pick by Nick Wagoner: The Broncos are down and it's probably the best chance for the Niners to have another win. It must also be said that the players at San Francisco do not have Denver defense. The Broncos are seventh in steals (21) and San Francisco is approaching a negative mark with only five. Now they will see Von Miller and Bradley Chubb up closely, reflecting their greatest needs. Broncos 23, 49ers 17 FPI projection: DEN, 59.5 percent. The Broncos comes with a 6-6 record and they have the possibility of playing the game and they like them in three of the last four of the last games for the FPI and the rest of them have 12 percent achieve their commitments. They must impose themselves on this to leave their hopes alive. There will be a chance of 26 per cent to enter if they win and only 7 per cent if they come with them. DIFFERENT DOTS: DAL -3.5 | Matching standard: 58.5 (out of 100) Select by Tim McManus: The Omeans start to win in the tanks and have driven their successive talents. Doug Pederson looked after his attack now that he got the aggressive line, which allowed Carson Wentz to know what he knew best about, in play activity. He set personal scores in efforts and practices in last week's action against Washington and was similar to his plays. Brandon Graham also recovered his form and therefore the defense line has proceeded so that they can put pressure on Carson Wentz. Eagles 26, Cowboys 23 Pick Todd Archer: Prescott will not be defined according to statistics, but through it. When it does not interfere with interventions, the Cowboys are 26-5. In the four-game streak he won four passes touchdown and without an intrusion. Reduced Eagles have been reduced by injuries and there is only a stumbling block in the year. There are only three smaller teams. If Prescott continues on this way, the Cowboys will stop the current champions repeating at the top of the department. Cowboys Household 24, Eagles 20FPI: DAL, 67.2 percent. This week is the team that has the greatest behavior in the playing rooms. The FPI is seen as a game that the Islands have to win since 53 percent give them choices and only 5 percent if they come. The Cowboys would be up to 98 percent if they prevail and get 57 percent if they fall. DIFFERENT DOTS: PIT -11 | Matching standard: 40.8 (out of 100) Jeremy Fowler comes: The Steelers are 0-3 in Oakland in the era of Ben Roethlisberger and these three years are not qualified for the playoffs, but not like this team they can extend the streak . Big Ben & # 39; will have a lot of time; in the bag protected against a defense with only 10 sacks and the No. 31 against the race, which will make the move easier for Jaylen Samuels and Steven Ridley. With domestic games against the Patriots and the Saints, Pittsburgh knows that this can not be lost. Steelers 34, 20Pick Raiders by Paul Gutierrez: Oakland is the only place where Roethlisberger has not won the AFC opponent. With two consecutive losses and Raiders content at a certain pace, something will be interesting at least, right? Steelers 33, 31FPI Projection Raiders: PIT, 73.5 percent. There are great implications for both, but in the other direction. The Steelers could find 85 percent of staying for North America if they win not only 58 if they miss. The Raiders could reach 38 percent of the first global choice if they arrive and 5 per cent if they come. DIFFERENT DOTS: DET -2.5 | Matching standard: 2.8 (out of 100) Select by Michael Rothstein: The Lions did not win in Arizona since 1993 and that was the last time they won the division title. Now, there's nothing on the horizon, but it may be the game is a few points. Josh Rosen has encountered problems (although the Lionson had a problem with their first words, Sam Darnold) and although they have seen badly at times, the Cardinals were worse. It will not be a nice game, but Detroit is a better team, he has a better quarterback and looks better than Arizona. Lions 17, Cardinals 13Pick of Josh Weinfuss: The Friends of the Green Bay are victorious and this could move to Sunday against the Lions, which lost five of the last. Arizona can win its fourth win by taking advantage of land protection, which allowed 119.8 yards per game. Against the Packers they put 182 yards on them. Cardinals 21, Leon 17FPI Projection: DET, 55.9 percent. Rosen comes to the game with the worst overall score among the field marshals (30.7). It will have an opportunity to improve this against the Lions, the worst quarter in the series in that section and the second worst in protective efficiency. DIFFERENT DOTS: LAR -3 | Matching standard: 84.4 (out of 100) Choose Lindsey Thiry: The Rams have received West of the National, but travel to Chicago that stimulates the break in the first round. The Bears will have a big challenge in the series with at least 20.1 points per game and there are leaders in interventions with 21. Following a poor presentation on the Lions, they can now wake up and Aaron Donald able to show why he changed the market for defense lineers while Khalil Mack was the best defense player paid in the series. Rams 24, Jeff Dickerson Bears 17Pick: Bears will benefit Mitchell to return Trubisky after defeating his right shoulder injury, but Rams has an average fear of 35 points per game. Chicago 28.7 can earn against the commitment, appear fifth, but they do not have the explosion of the Rams. They will survive Sunday, but, in the end, they have more talent in both aspects of the game. Rams 30, Bears Projection 24FPI: LAR, 56.4 percent. The highest quality game is based on the FPI. Na Rams, second place in aggressive efficiency (85.5 on a scale of 0 to 100) against the best protection of the series (75.3). Jared Goff is the fifth index of the fifth and Chicago is the best in that category. .

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