Adiev: even the tickets are not purchased from Anji football players, what can we say about salaries
            November 10, 2018 03:06
                                    / RPL

Anji head coach Magomed Adiev after a match of the 14th round of the Russian Premier League with Arsenal (0: 2) said that financial problems affect the players' condition.
“Even the tickets have not been bought from the guys, they have not even received anything for pocket expenses, what can we say about salaries. In a professional team, this is not normal, especially in the Premier League.
Today I do not see much hope. And the guys and myself set up to do their job like professionals. We will try to ensure that after the three remaining rounds we are not in the 15th to 16th places, ”quotes Adiev’s words“ Tula football ”.
Arsenal (17 points) is in ninth place in the standings of the Russian Premier League, Anji (13) – in 14th place.
In the next round, "Anji" will take in his field Kazan "Ruby", and "Arsenal" on the road will meet with "Krasnodar". Meetings will be held on November 24 and 25, respectively.

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