Activists against normalization in Qatar refuse to host Israel's gymnastics team

Activists against normalization in Qatar refuse to host Israel's gymnastics team

And demanded that Maryam Al-Hajri not to stop Twitter on the label to demand not to host the Zionist team, which includes players who had served in the occupation army. He called on Abdullah Siam in his twitter to refuse to grant visas to enter the Zionist delegation, considering that the legal director. Gymnastics by the entry of players from the occupying Zionist entity, means # Yalla_Tatiba, and this is a breach of the sovereignty of the State of Qatar, and runs counter to its domestic and foreign policy. Al-Ansari also considered that hosting Israel in the country in order to participate in this tournament is an explicit recognition of this rapacious entity.
In an open letter sent to the Secretary-General of the Qatar Olympic Committee, Dr. Thani Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari and the President of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation Ali Al-Hitmi, the participants of the Qatar Gymnastics Championships expressed their opposition to the participation of athletes from Israel at the World Gymnastics Championships, From 25 October to 3 November.
They pointed to the popular position in Qatar, which rejects all kinds of normalization with the occupying entity, which continues to practice the worst practices on a daily basis towards our people in Palestine.

According to the official page of the youth of Qatar against normalization on Twitter, the message pointed out that the Arab scene today is witnessing widespread popular anger, and an official rejection of attempts to normalize with the Zionist entity. And stressed the popular rejection and anger in the Qatari street to host athletes from "Israel" The letter was the refusal of the Qatari street to host an Israeli tennis player at the Qatar Open, which was held in January this year in Doha, and hosting the Zionist entity, which Participated in the World Handball Championship, held in February this year.
"We do not accept anything that would portray this rapist entity as a state and a reality that must be dealt with and normalized," he said.
"The State of Qatar has always been keen to emphasize in all occasions and forums the Arabism of Palestine and its independence and the justice of the cause of its people and its capital Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and therefore we urge you to abide by your national role and not to host any athlete representing the Zionist entity."

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