A new leak of 'Football Leaks' says that Neymar cost 252 million euros to the PSG, instead of the 222 that appeared in the rescission clause that he had as a Barça player. Apart from the figure paid by the Barça team, according to this portal, the PSG paid 10.7 million commission to each of the two agents of Neymar: his father and the Israeli Pini Zahavi. This sports expert left the profession in 1988 to dedicate himself to being an agent, obtaining great fame managing the careers of Marcelo Salas or Rio Ferdinand, among others.

The PSG, in addition, would have paid 8.7 million to Santos as a solidarity contribution to the club that formed it. This figure represents 5% of the total transfer that FIFA demands to be paid to the player's training club. In total, therefore, the final figure is 252 million, 30 more than those announced. In addition, he reveals that the salary is 30 million net per season: a fix of 25.5 million and 4.5 more as a 'ethical bonus' that would be added to the fix so long as Neymar shows a commitment to the values ​​of the club. This includes "the duty to greet and thank fans after each match".

'Football Leaks' also reveals that the French group paid taxes of at least 9 of its best players, including Neymar and Mbappé. The figure of this concept amounts to 66 million annually.


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