A bittersweet tie after a violin bass concert (1-1)

A bittersweet tie after a violin bass concert (1-1)

The years go by, and it is still difficult to win the Giuseppe Meazza. So much so that the rival is Inter or Milan, so much if Messi plays or does not Messi play. In San Siro you always have to chop stone, offer the best version and put a candle to ensure that the luck will smile to you. Under a flood, Barça made a joke of losing opportunities, adding a tie that allowed them to walk towards the eighth of the final. But it is a train that escapes, another goal fits. Barça returns with the rage of knowing that he did not know how to close an act in which he put violin music, but he failed to score goals. Only Malcom, an unexpected hero, got it. But when it seemed that the hardest thing had been done, Icardi tied.

The tie is both positive and unfair. And it will also be the first positive episode in the history of Malcom at Barça. The Brazilian took just 40 seconds in the rain of Milan, when he raised his head and with a crossfire, beat Handanovic. The extreme, blurred in Leon against the Cultural one, entered by a Dembélé that did not take advantage of a title fall from the sky. And if Dembélé failed, he did not, with a goal in the absence of 10 minutes that seemed to certify the first group position. But the mistake in the goal of Icardi, three minutes later, and the lack of effectiveness, kept Inter alive within the game. A lack of effectiveness in which he was saddened, of course, to Lionel Messi.

A little before the game, the game had begun to play, when the faces of Inter fans changed. Messages came in their phones: Messi did not even enter the call. But if the fans got throbbing, the players did not. Inter, in spite of being more in need of the classification, came to the pitch with espíritu poruc, without wanting the ball, without trying to be the protagonist. Spalletti had filled her mouth with beautiful words, but it was like lovers who seduce with poetry, but when the time comes for truth, they lie and escape. Inter was the Inter of always, that one that defends and looks for to take advantage of an isolated play to end up smiling with face of a naughty boy, who knows that it has won by cheating.

Barça was also Barça. In the big stages, Valverde's team is much more reliable than in Vallecas or Leganés. Dressed from head to toe with a giclee t-shirt designed to be seen, more than to please. Barça always controlled the game with a demonstration of ambition that left an unanswered Inter bound with hands and feet. Valverde, without Messi, punished Rafinha just on the day he returned to the stadium that was his home last season. Instead, a Dembélé came in. He had a great opportunity to reinvive himself, but he still gives the feeling of being a hip hop singer who gives him a violin and leave him in the middle of an orchestra to play Chopin. Talented, French has a lot, but he continues to watch his team again and again, asking himself if he does what he's playing.

But the violins sounded, under the Lombard rain. Arthur Melo tuned well with Sergio Busquets and Rakitic, in a game in which Barça took care of the ball, caressing her, doing it. Coutinho, leaving from the left, was responsible for putting his imagination, smashing with the interists, all locked in defense, leaving alone a Icardi who seemed a boy abandoned by his parents in the stands. Nobody paid any attention to him, since the game was played all around the area of ​​a Handanovic who stopped two shots from the most active man in the game, a Luis Suárez who fought against the curse that left him mark away from home in Europe. The Uruguayan fought against rivals and spirits, without finding the prize of a goal that would have paved the way for the 16th final. Earning meant to finish the job, close the folder and be able to think of giving players key rest in the coming weeks. But Inter knew how to suffer. And in life, it is always a good idea to know how to suffer.

The game was cracking in the second half, when Spalletti felt that he was completing his roadmap: 0-0 at break and everything to win. Barça, on the other hand, bitten the lips of rage, as he was taking advantage of occlusions. Inter, aware that the draw was not worth it, gave minutes to the elegant game of Borja Valero, who entered by Nainggolan, the player who seems a video game warrior. And the party was opening, with spaces in which Suárez, Coutinho and Dembélé did not quite understand, losing opportunities to hit the Milanese. Valverde, seeing how the violin music began to be replaced by rock-roll, with a round and back game, tried to regain control of the game again by entering into Arturo Vidal, very whistled by his past in the Juve . And when the Inter attempted to thrust, Malcom, who had just entered Dembélé, made the goal that seemed to give the win to a Barça who did not know how to defend the play in which Icardi stopped being that child alone between giants, to call a few meters away from Sergi Roberto, his roommate when he was in the Masia, the goal that still does not allow the record of the group stage closed. There is still work to do, but the way seems well open, now that Messi will return.


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