Brodie Van Wagenen promised that the first train in this off-season would not be the last of the Mets.

So, what's the next step of the new GM?

Maybe we'll experience it at baseball's Winter Meetings, starting on Monday in Las Vegas, also known as Bryce Harper's hometown. The annual gathering of the game is a great opportunity for the cadre's further transformation, aside from the Mets takeovers of Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz.

Whatever happens, it's good to know that Van Wagenen plans more action because the Mets have to do more – much more – if they fulfill his mandate to be a candidate now.

In this sense, we present a kind of checklist for Van Wagenen and his relatives in Vegas. You should be busy at least laying the foundations for addressing these needs.

1. Take some relief

Diaz is great. But the rapprochement is only part of the solution to one facet of the club that has helped ruin 2018.

The Mets-Bullpen had an ERA of 4.96 last season, the worst in franchise history and the third worst among the majors. Mets Relievers gave up 82 homers, who were the fourth largest of all MLB pens, and allowed an opponent with an OPS of .776, 49 points higher than the MLB average. With 36 relief losses, the Mets tied the 1980 club through a bullpen in team history the most.

There is plenty of inventory there and the Mets should add value by adding a top-notch hurler from a group that includes Andrew Miller, Adam Ottavino, David Robertson and Zach Britton. Dive into the lower layer and shower someone like former Boston Joe Kelly.

2. Get the setup right

In a conversation about the Mets lineup after the Cano deal, a scout from another team first said, "Too many left-handers, you need a right-handed person." Cano joins Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, Jeff McNeil and Dom Smith as prominent left-handers of the Met group and the Mets were left-handed with 0.649 points on the OPS last year.

If Peter Alonso, the prospectus for the first base, is ready, this will help. The Mets also need an outfielder, and Van Wagenen is interested in A.J. Pollock, a real hitter with a history of injury. Maybe Andrew McCutchen, another right-wing extremist, makes sense this time. Does the counter man Marwin Gonzalez fit? How the Mets solve their catching problems can also influence how wrong they are. Speaking of catching …

3. Do not get caught if you only use J.T.

The Mets are exploring all sorts of catcher upgrades, including trading scenarios with the Marlins for their star, J.T. Realmuto If that does not work, they must have other options. The Mets allowed (134) the second most stolen bases in MLB last season, two behind Toronto. While the pitchers earn a lot of debt for that, it can be helpful to improve behind the record.

"I think they need to catch a catcher," said the scout. "That's been a problem for a few years." Yasmani Grandal, Wilson Ramos, and Jonathan Lucroy are potential free-agent decisions that may give offense. But Martin Maldonado, a defender of the first defense, could also provide value, especially for a team with good rotation. He has a rep as a strong pitch framer, knocking over 48.6% of the opposing stealers last year, which is easy to reach in baseball. Pair it with one of Travis d & # 39; Arnaud or Kevin Plawecki?

4. Do a Bryce check

This is not a troll job for the Mets fans, nor a change from Van Wagenen to take him over to Scott Boras, the super agent who was critical of Van Wagenens switch from agent to front office. It's just business. There is no excuse for not sitting down with the agent for any big time free agent, especially a New York team. Talking is not cheap – it's free.

Find out if Harper in Queens had any previous desire. Maybe the price tag changes. Based on the interview that National Owners owner Mark Lerner gave to a radio station in Washington on Friday afternoon, it seems Harper will not stay a Nat.

Yes, in a WFAN interview last week, Van Wagenen made it unlikely that the Mets would gloss over Harper or the other mega-free agent of the season, Manny Machado. But it does not hurt to find some facts personally. Based on the way Van Wagenen speaks, he is ready to think about everything. Well. It's just information.

A talent reviewer from an opposing club put it this way: "At least you know the parameters, then you can go away."

5. Deep fees

Van Wagenen said the Mets do not want to rely on "Wenns" anymore, so he has to find depth in injuries for both the outfield and the rotation. Free agent Drew Pomeranz had a lost season in Boston last year. Could he be a rotation insurance? Maybe Rajai Davis or Cameron Maybin will help out in the field or maybe the Mets will be looking for a reunion with Austin Jackson.

We'll see what happens next week, but at least the Mets seem busy.

"I give the man credit," said the appraiser. "They made a deal immediately, but he has to make up for it, and I really think the Mets are getting busy because he has to show the fans that they're trying to win.

"You can not handle the team they had."

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