49ers runs back Jerick McKinnon gets good news after MRI on his right knee

49ers runs back Jerick McKinnon gets good news after MRI on his right knee

The 49ers returned Jerick McKinnon Four-year, $ 30 million contract in free agency to be their multi-dimensional weapon coming out of the back field. So the 49ers were probably more than a little worried about the results of an MRI that McKinnon went through after contracting a right knee injury on Sunday.

The 49ers, however, can relax. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN McKinnon avoided a serious injury and suffered only under a load.

According to the reporters present, McKinnon went to his knees during the team exercises. But after the training staff tended to him, he seemed fine, considering he was present in practice and subsequently signed autographs.

However, after training, the 49ers revealed that McKinnon had an MRI on his right knee.

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It is expected that McKinnon will be one of the key points of the 49er offensive, considering that he is with the Vikings. He is most effective as a pass-catcher. Last season he got 51 passes for 421 yards.

If McKinnon had been forced to miss any meaningful football, Matt Breida would probably have taken on a bigger role as the primary ball carrier, while defender Kyle Juszczyk would have taken on many of the backfield pass-catching duties. McKinnon would have been a tough player for the 49ers – replacing a trendy playoff selection in a very difficult division and conference.

Fortunately for the 49er they do not have to do that.

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