3rd League: Damn feast

3rd League: Damn feast

Also in the third attempt, the TSV 1860 Munich can not win the Oktoberfest time. When frustrating 1: 1 against the Würzburger Kickers not even the opening goal in excess.

The good news for the TSV 1860 Munich is that the Oktoberfest is over soon. In the third attempt, the football third division did not win during the Wiesnzeit, after the 1: 2 against labor and Wiesbaden 1: 1 in Unterhaching this time was a 1-1 against the Würzburger Kickers book. A more than half-hour advantage and the lead by Adriano Grimaldi (64) were not enough for the victory, because Simon Skarlatidis equalized in the 82nd minute nor for the Würzburg. "Since we make it 1-0 – and then, I have to say honestly, I miss the words," said 1860 coach Daniel Bierofka. He particularly lamented the tactical behavior in excess: "We are driven by the emotions," he has stated. "We just have to stay calm and wait until there's a situation." Würzburg captain Sebastian Schuppan explored those emotions of the driven opponent and reported on the "feeling that sixty was afraid to collect a goal in the final phase again".

Bierofka set in this derby on the same starting lineup as most recently at the derbymäßigeren Derby in Unterhaching, with a triple chain in the defense and Efkan Bekiroglu on the playmaker position. This time, however, this tactical alignment worked much worse. Würzburg showed the maturity of the game and scored the first noteworthy chance in the long-chasing game: Skarlatidis shot over the crossbar after almost half an hour. Shortly thereafter Bierofka corrected his lineup, took out Bekiroglu from the match and brought winger Nico Karger, which resulted in a return to the 4-4-2 system. "That was not a performance-related substitution, but tactically and systematically conditioned," said Bierofka, where Bekiroglu had also not just caught an outstanding day. The second major chance of the first round was despite the system change again the Kickers, Skarlatidis hit the outside net in added time.

The Lions then started in the second half, as they did in Unterhaching, much more determined and courageous. Attacking Adriano Grimaldi started with a shot (52.), and then the Würzburgers were outnumbered: Dave Gnaase had to leave the field after repeated foul play and a yellow-red card (57.). And the lead for the TSV 1860 was not long in coming. After a blocked corner Philipp Steinhart came back on the ball, his cross earned Grimaldi head (64.). "It was clear that 60 goes full throttle and we have to give away the momentum." It's annoying that the 1-0 from a corner resulted, where the Mölders has the ball itself promoted to Aus, "complained Würzburg coach Michael Schiele, who also pointed out with some justification that the yellow-red card was not a must.

The lion was noted that they did not want to rely on this tight lead, and initially they pressed on the second goal. Grimaldi's assassin Sascha Mölders narrowly missed it four minutes later when he hit the top of the crossbar. The Lower Franks had to go with increasing playing time to tent more risk, but Sixty could not use the rooms, played his countermeasures often miserable and suddenly proved defensive fluttering. So it came, as it had suggested: When the lions could not clarify a penalty situation twice, Skarlatidis took the opportunity to deserved 1: 1 (82).

"No idea why we gave the victory so much," said 1860 midfielder Daniel Wein. "We play well, are one more man, take the lead – and then play the counterfeit shit, that can not be." Wine's honest and bitter record read: "We want to win every game, but if we make such mistakes, we can not win a game." The Wiesn visit of the team this Tuesday will be marked by the feeling that this celebration may soon come to an end. One match they still deny the Oktoberfest, on Sunday (13 clock) at SV Meppen: Perhaps the Oktoberfest curse does not even affect the Emsland.


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