3: 1 in Freiburg: Mainz starts with Helau in the campaign

3: 1 in Freiburg: Mainz starts with Helau in the campaign

Mit is such a thing at Mainz 05. Over and over again, the club has had games in recent years, in which there was a curious disproportion: Generously measured ball possession phases meant that the Rheinhessen self-braking, lethargic worked. The mileage went virtually with every touch of the ball in the cellar. And in the end, the opponent had won. Gladly 1: 0 and no one really knew how that was possible.

Daniel Meuren

Before the match in Freiburg, coach Sandro Schwarz warned against exactly such a game. His team should "not be lulled by possession". In the 3-1 away win on Saturday, the first success in foreign countries in this season, the Mainz now managed to exploit the positive possibilities of possession. In the initial phase, the Rheinhessen exercised dominance with almost 70 percent possession of the ball, which obviously impressed the opponent so much that the Mainz were just ahead in terms of running times, although felt the Freiburg constantly had to run after the ball routed in Mainz ranks behind. Jean-Philippe Gbamin's long-range shot (6th minute) and Jean-Philippe Mateta's (18th) header following a cross from Jean-Paul Boetius were followed by early goals. "Our problem was in the game against the ball. The Mainz had by their diamond always superior number in the center," said the Freiburg Christian Günter. "It only became better after changes with us."

The phenomenon, which can be achieved with possession of the ball, had described captain Stefan Bell before the beginning of the season once in an interview with this newspaper. "Football games are usually decided in the head anyway. The Bayern lead the way again and again, "he said and explained that the record champion at his best is always able to draw the opponent's teeth by his sovereign ball grades.

Mainz 05 but is not a record champion and so gave the Mainz in Freiburg, the dominance after a good half hour involuntarily restored because the Freiburg after tactical changes of their coach Christian Streich and the abandonment of the classic Breisgau short-pass football had adjusted better to the opponent ,

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