Zverev Reacts to Wrong Referee Decision at French Open Final and Announces Important Meeting

Zverev Reacts to Wrong Referee Decision at French Open Final and Announces Important Meeting
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    Tennis star Alexander Zverev narrowly missed out on the title at the French Open. After the match, he spoke about a blatant wrong decision by the referee – and announced an important meeting.

    Paris – It must have been one of the bitterest days in the career of tennis star Alexander Zverev: On Sunday (June 9), Germany’s currently best tennis player lost the final of the French Open after a great fight against the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz. After leading 2-1 in sets, Zverev finally had to admit defeat 3-6, 6-2, 7-5, 1-6, 2-6 – he is still waiting for his first Grand Slam title.

    What was particularly annoying for Zverev was that a wrong decision by the referee in the decisive fifth set may have cost him the match. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old showed greatness after the final defeat and defended referee Renaud Lichtenstein.

    Alexander Zverev struggles with a wrong decision by referee Renaud Lichtenstein during the French Open final. In the end, he loses in five sets to the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz. © IMAGO / UPI Photo and IMAGO / Starface

    Scandalous decision in the French Open final: Zverev defends referee

    But what exactly happened? Alcaraz broke Zverev’s serve early in the fifth set and was leading 2-1. But Zverev hit back in the Spaniard’s next service game and secured two break points at 40-15. Under pressure, the Spaniard made a double fault. It should have been 2-2.

    But after the linesman had already seen the second serve out, Lichtenstein took another look at the imprint on the red clay. To Zverev’s horror, the Frenchman gave the ball well. Alcaraz was allowed to serve again and finally got his serve through to make it 3-1. A special thank you to Zverev: The Hawk Eye images later showed that Alcaraz’s serve was actually out. However, these images were not available to the referee.

    Wet eyes: Alexander Zverev is deeply disappointed after his defeat in the French Open final. © Thibault Camus

    Despite the blatant wrong decision, Zverev reacted fairly afterwards: “In the end it is frustrating, but it is what it is. Referees make mistakes. They are human too, and that is OK.” Nevertheless, it is of course a “crucial difference whether you are 1:3 down in the fifth set or it is 2:2,” emphasised the Olympic champion.

    After final defeat: Zverev announces special meeting

    After missing out on winning the title, Zverev now has to lick his wounds and digest his defeat in the final. But there isn’t much time left for that. The next Grand Slam tournament starts on July 1st with the grass court classic in Wimbledon. In preparation for this, Zverev actually wanted to play at the Boss Open in Stuttgart from Thursday (June 13th) – but he has since cancelled his participation.

    Instead, Zverev wants to use the time for an important meeting: “I have a sponsor appointment in Switzerland on Monday, then I will probably fly to Berlin because I have a very important person there that I want to see.”

    Zverev does not clarify who he means exactly, but only two women come into question: girlfriend Sophia Thomalla and daughter Mayla both live in Berlin – ultimately, both are supposed to help him come to terms with his shattered Grand Slam dream. (LuHa)

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