ZDF Expert Christoph Kramer Criticizes Gareth Southgate’s Coaching Style in Euro 2024

ZDF Expert Christoph Kramer Criticizes Gareth Southgate’s Coaching Style in Euro 2024

TV viewers already know that ZDF expert Christoph Kramer is no fan of English football under national coach Gareth Southgate.

After the dull 0-0 draw of the English in the final European Championship group match against Slovenia, Kramer takes a hard line against Southgate!

“What bothers me about Southgate,” he begins his statement and then goes on to say, “If I compare him to Julian Nagelsmann: Nagelsmann has a plan in his head. If it doesn’t work, he stands there and tries to change it. You can tell by his facial expressions and his gestures. Southgate can’t possibly have a plan in his head!”

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Kramer explains: “Because he lets the game play out as it happens and just sits there. Normally, as a coach, you have a clear idea and if it doesn’t work, you freak out. You try to give your players something to take with them. He doesn’t do that at all. I find that so strange. He just lets this world-class team play. After the first half that we saw from England, we thought: nothing is happening!”

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England had luckily won the first group match against Serbia 1-0. In the second match, the “Three Lions” only played 1-1 against Denmark. This was met with boos from the travelling English fans.

Kramer therefore does not understand why Southgate did not change his plan after the first game. “If you do not have good in-game coaching, then you have to at least change something for the next game,” he explains. “But he does not change anything! He simply sends the eleven into the race. It does not matter who plays the game. We sometimes feel sorry for them. They are sent there. You can have as many players as you want. If you are sent into a game like that, you have no chance.”

Christoph Kramer analyses the games for ZDF

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Euro 2024 – Kramer on England: “No matter who they play against, they’re gone!”

The ZDF expert even says: “The Slovenians did really badly too! You can play against the English team forever. They did everything they could to lose against a bad English team.”

Kramer concludes: “The English are really not good. You could see that pretty early on. The team is put there and left alone. I think that’s a shame!”

After an interview with Harry Kane, moderator Katrin Müller-Hohenstein addresses the group: “Perhaps they will start to work their magic in the knockout phase.”

Kramer energetically: “No!”

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England will play against one of the best third-placed teams in the round of 16.

But for Kramer one thing is certain: “No matter who they play against, they are gone!”

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