Zamorano Judo Gala: A Weekend of Achievements and Celebrations

Zamorano Judo Gala: A Weekend of Achievements and Celebrations

A very intense and very beautiful weekend for the Zamorano judo family, this past Saturday the Zamorano Judo delegation held a gala-party to end the 2023-24 academic year, a course with great successes, many joys and of course some sadness.

At the gala that was held in the assembly hall of the Morales del Vino City Council, the delegation wanted to recognize the Judokas, clubs, people who in one way or another stood out in our sport.

Recognizing, for example, the youngest Judokas, the best in school games or the winners of the competition, because I like Judo, the annual competition that the delegation holds for the little ones.

Also awarded were regional medalists, a total of 14 Judokas, Judokas from Spanish cups, a total of 15 Judokas, medalists in international championships, a total of 7 Judokas, a trophy was also given to the AMPA of the Morales del Vino school and Belén. Moreno, for his help to this sport, was given the award for best Judoka, which this time went to Elena Bahamonde with a spectacular record among other achievements:

CyL champion in the cadet, junior and senior categories

Medalist in the Spanish cups of Vigo, Tarragona and Tenerife

7th in the European Cup in Fuengirola

4th in the Spanish cadet championship and 7th in the national junior

Champion in two international championships

Member of CyL teams in all categories

4th in the national ranking and in 87th place in the world ranking

Being in the training center for elite athletes of CyL…

The Judo Morales club was also awarded as the best club, for having 4 Judokas and the teacher in the training center for elite athletes of CyL, for achieving medals in all the regional championships, 4 golds, 3 silvers and 5 bronzes, medals in Spanish Cups 2 silver, 1 bronze and 3 diplomas, international championship medalists 3 gold and 1 silver, award for best coach at the Zamora 2024 sports gala…

After the serious part, the party began with a training session where the Judokas were able to do Judo with their mothers-fathers and where the latter were able to see first-hand the high level of judo that their children have and how difficult and tough this sport is.

Then lunch from the Judo family where they made us a giant paella for more than 160 diners, then in the afternoon we moved to the Morales soccer field for the traditional mother-father soccer match against Judokas, where once again the Judo team The Judokas beat the fathers and mothers, with a humiliating final result of 6-2

Once the game was over in the courtyard of the City Hall, there were inflatables and a mechanical bull for the enjoyment of children and not so children, a snack and dinner until the time came when the Judokas over 8 years old were waiting for their parents, friends and family. They went and stayed to sleep on the tatami, well what they say sleep, they slept little, we spent the night watching movies, we played various games, pillow fights, lots and lots of fun, until around 6:30 a.m. In the morning everyone fell and it was time for revenge, painting the faces of all those asleep, between 9 and 9:30 dispersion

As I said, a great day full of fun, twinning and a lot of Judo from the Zamorano Judo delegation to congratulate all the winners and just say that we will continue working so that Zamorano Judo is always as high as possible and that it is a leading sport in Zamora.

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