Yucatán Shines at Conade 2024 National Games: Medal Harvest and Highlights

Yucatán Shines at Conade 2024 National Games: Medal Harvest and Highlights

The weekend is still on for Yucatán at the Conade 2024 National Games, and important medal harvests were obtained at the Guadalajara and Campeche venues.

The rhythmic gymnastics team won two gold, three silver and two bronze in the Perla Tapatia. The judo representative has already entered the medal table, with one gold, two silver and one bronze, in Campeche, and in athletics, one first place and two third places were achieved. Swimming signed an important closure in Guadalajara.

Highlights Elisa Novelo

Elisa Novelo Evia, from the 11-12 year old category, won two gold medals and one silver. She got first place in the hoop implement, with 24,200 points, beating Ana Victoria Gómez Pedroso, from Jalisco, and Aranza Díaz Cervantes, from Aguascalientes, while the other gold was in rope, with 23,150, ahead of María Heredia Torres , from Nuevo León, and Ana Gómez, from Jalisco. In clubs, Elisa took silver with 24,300 and her teammate Amanda Levy Samuel, bronze.

Ana Abraham Habib, 13-14 years old, won silver in the all-around individual competition, which began on the first day, but she was also on the Yucatán team in her category that won silver accompanied by María Fernanda Ortega and Andrea Flores. The Yucatán team of 11-12 years old won bronze, surpassed by Aguascalientes, first, and Jalisco, second.

Open judo wide

The judo team won its first medals in the competitions held at the Campeche Convention Center. The harvest was one of gold, two of silver and one of bronze.

Sebastián Castro Becerril won the title in minus 40 kilos after beating Josué Serrano, from Chihuahua, on a day in which three Yucatecans competed in the final, but only one won.

Farid Ramírez, in less than 48 kilos, lost to Diego Martínez, from Nuevo León, and took the silver, and in less than 36, Jessi Navarrete Aké fell in the final against Ivanna Flores, representative of Jalisco.

The bronze went to Amílcar Flota Jiménez, in the minus 64 kilos division, after losing to Ángel Sánchez, from Oaxaca.

golden javelin

Géner Uc Gil, from the Under-20 category, was proclaimed national champion in the javelin throwing event, where he left a record of 61.76 meters, in competitions in Guadalajara.

The thrower from Xocchel left José Arturo Mojica, from Querétaro, in second place with 61.57 meters, and the bronze medal went to Emiliano Cordero, from Nuevo León, who recorded a shot of 59 meters.

On the penultimate day of athletics, bronze medals were also achieved through María José Romero Pons, in the 400 meter hurdles, and Ariadna Gamboa, in the hammer throw, both in the U23 category.

Swimming closes

On the last day of swimming competitions, Maya Campos Pool won silver in the 200 meter butterfly in the 13-14 year old category.

In 15-16, Ariela Villarino Serrano achieved bronze in the 200 butterfly, and in 19-21 years, Ángel Castillo Cabrera also won bronze.

With 24 medals, of which 6 were gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze, Yucatán’s successful participation in the swimming discipline concluded.— Gaspar Silveira

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