Youth Baseball Exchange Match Between Xiamen and Kinmen: Cross-Strait Sports Diplomacy in Action

Young people from Xiamen and Kinmen hold baseball exchange match 2024-06-17 09:54:13 Deng Jie Source: Southeast Net

Young baseball players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait compete fiercely. (Photo provided by Xiamen Sports Bureau), June 17 (Fujian Daily reporter Deng Jie) On the 15th, the 2024 Cross-Strait Youth Baseball Exchange Tournament was held at the Wuyuan Campus of Xiamen No. 2 Middle School.

This exchange competition set up a U12 pitching and hitting group, and the participating teams were Xiamen Ruijing Primary School Baseball Team and Kinmen County Zhongzheng Primary School Baseball Team. With the referee’s whistle, the game officially began, and the players on both sides quickly got into the game. They went all out, swinging, running, and hitting the ball in close coordination and with quick reactions. Whenever a player hit a wonderful ball, the whole stadium cheered and the players also high-fived each other to celebrate.

Zheng Yushen, head coach of the Kinmen County Zhongzheng Elementary School baseball team, said that young players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait have demonstrated good baseball skills and a tenacious fighting spirit, and he looks forward to more opportunities for exchanges in the future.

The event was hosted by the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau and the Fujian Provincial Working Committee on the Care of the Next Generation. During the event, the organizers also organized a variety of cultural exchange activities to allow young players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to experience the beauty of humanities, architecture and nature of Ludao.

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