Voyageurs shine in offensive explosion but stumble in defensive battle: A Recap of the doubleheader against the Force du Nord

Voyageurs shine in offensive explosion but stumble in defensive battle: A Recap of the doubleheader against the Force du Nord

In the first duel of the day, everything clicked for the Voyageurs. From the outset, the big guns rang their sticks. Morency and Ranger reached the trails each with a one-goal shot. Alexandre Munger watched four balls. There was no room for error with Jean Benoît Simard Gagnon at bat.

The Voyageurs receiver placed the ball in a safe place to give his team a 2-0 lead. In the same inning, Mathieu Lévesque also made one of his teammates score by finding the field with his momentum.

On defense, after two quick withdrawals, the Greens’ starter, Jérémie Labonté, faced a bit of adversity. The locals took a single and a home run from him to reduce the gap. In the following rounds, the Jonquiérois gunner was very solid. He did not award any other points of his own accord, which allowed his people not to worry.

“Jeremiah threw a lot of strikes. He was in full control of his three pitches and dominated the opposing team on the mound. It was a fourth quality start for him,” noted Voyageurs head coach Jérémie Chalifour in a post-game interview with Le Quotidien.

From an offensive point of view, things went even better. The hitters of the Jonquière team chained together hits and showed themselves to be disciplined at bat. After 13 hits and 10 walks, the scoreboard showed 14 points in their favor. Their muzzled opponent was only able to score one last point before the end of the first game, bringing the final score to 14-3.

“From 1 to 9 in the lineup, guys hit. It feels good. Since the start of the season, there have been times when we are looking for ourselves, where we lack consistency. There, all that was put aside and our approach was exemplary. Mentally, we were there 100%. It’s definitely one of the best games we’ve played in attack this season,” admitted the Greens pilot.

A completely different story in the second duel

While the first confrontation was highly productive offensively for the Jonquiérois, the second part of their double program was very anemic in attack. Jérémie Chalifour’s men came up against a Jérome Carvalho in good shape. After six innings of play, the Force du Nord had only amassed two hits.

“Their starter was solid, but the problem is really on our side for this one. We stubbornly went for bad throws. He attacked the outside corner of the zone a lot and the guys, instead of waiting and making contact with the ball to send it to the opposite field, generated strikes without velocity, too hasty. We knew their starter and we had to do better against a player like him,” added the head coach.

Despite the setbacks of the attack, Antoine Legault, the man sent to the mound to start the game for the Voyageurs, had five very good innings. The coaching staff made the decision to give him a sixth inning of work. This is where things got a little less joyous for the young gunner.

“We felt like he still had some left in the tank. It must be said that the Trois-Rivières hitters had no response to his pitches. So the logical choice was to keep it in place as they didn’t seem to have made any adjustments. Antoine walked to start and the Eagles got out two lucky hits, which put us in hot water. Then, two really good hits were hit and then we were overtaken,” summarized Jérémie Chalifour.

The second duel had been very close until then, but with a four-point surge in the sixth inning, the Voyageurs were in command. “At the start of the game, we had an opportunity with a runner on third base and one out. We couldn’t make him score. When you don’t do the little things like that, it’s difficult to win close matches. You have to be there mentally,” he added.

Until their match on Wednesday in Quebec against the Diamonds, Jérémie Chalifour’s men will benefit from days off. The coach indeed judged that his team had had a lot of baseball in their bodies in recent days. “With the way we came out in the first match, we would have liked to have won the second, but considering how tired the guys are, I can’t be frustrated at having shared the points,” concluded the coach.

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