Voices at the start of the European Football Championship: “That was pure football”

Voices at the start of the European Football Championship: “That was pure football”

Julian Nagelsmann: “A big compliment to the team. I think everyone knows what the last opening games were like. It’s normal that there is a bit of pressure on the boiler. (…) We set the course in the first 20 minutes and the team did really, really well. (…) We have already implemented many of the things we wanted to do well, but the players simply have the quality. (…)

I think it makes little sense to slow down too much now. We need to take it into account so that we know we have won a game. That is necessary and was important, but we need to win at least one more and then of course many more if we want to achieve our goal. (…) It is valuable that not only one person gets the flowers today, but that we can distribute them.”

Niclas Füllkrug: “It was a big game for us. We got better and better in the game. We gained confidence through our ball control. We were committed and didn’t let up after a goal. That’s the energy we need, always being greedy. Over 90 minutes, it was a completely deserved victory. You could tell that it was different. What’s happening in the media doesn’t completely pass us by. It’s an outstanding start to what we want: a summer fairytale.”

Jamal Musiala: “I don’t think we could have had a better start. We wanted to start the tournament well and we did that. The goal at the end hurts a little because otherwise it would have been a ten out of ten game, but that’s our first step. (…) We had a good plan. We have faith in our coach and in our tactics. We gave everything on the pitch. We brought intensity. We have so much quality on the pitch and when we are in the flow, things just work out.”

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Enable external contentToni Kroos: “I think we did what we set out to do. We obviously wanted to get off to a good start and we did that. We never let Scotland get into the game and won comfortably. We were rewarded for a good start, which gives a team confidence in the first game of a home European Championship.

Of course, the opponent wasn’t in top form either, and the red card was the deciding factor. We played it down confidently, but of course an early goal helps. (…) I don’t know whether you’re in the flow after one game. But if we carry that over into the next game, which will definitely be more difficult, we’ll be facing a team that’s at least a class better than Scotland, and if we can prove it there, we can talk about flow.”

Ilkay Gundogan: “We played a really good game, did exactly what we wanted to do, played with really good intensity, scored the goals. Then in the second half we mostly had possession and didn’t take too many risks. That’s the way to start. (…) That’s exactly how you have to act, that’s exactly how you have to start.

You can see that the opponents also have qualities. Small moments of inattention can be punished extremely, as was the case today with the goal we conceded, so perhaps that was the necessary warning shot not to do any less. (…) We want to take the euphoria, the atmosphere with us. What happened in the first half in particular was pure football. It was a huge joy, and I think the spark also jumped over to the stands and to the spectators at home.”

Andrew Robertson: “Germany was simply better than us. We didn’t get it on the pitch today. With ten men it was difficult. We are of course very disappointed. We knew we were playing against the hosts, we did a lot of things wrong. We have to get that right as quickly as possible.”


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