Vive l’école Parents’ Association: Making a Positive Impact on School Community

Vive l’école Parents’ Association: Making a Positive Impact on School Community

Created around 10 years ago by Jean-François Mangold, the parents’ association Vive l’école is on the rise! This is evidenced by the great success of the fair which has just been held in the school car park, kindly made available by the municipality. A beautiful day in the sun with around ten games including 4 new ones including an introduction to archery with the Archers of Limoux. And always lots of pastries made by the “cordon-bleus” parents. All profits from this event will be donated entirely to the school.

It was during the start of the 2022 school year that Julie Icardi took over as president of the APE. She was able to bring together a beautiful, dynamic and very motivated team, although exclusively female, the spouses are never very far away and are very often called upon to contribute.

Composition of the office: president Julie, secretary Nathalie, treasurer Sophie, vice-president Cécile, vice-secretary Marlène and Anaïs vice-treasurer. With the group, the presence of 3 active members, which is new this year. “Our objective is to raise funds during various events organized throughout the school year in order to help finance the school’s educational and cultural projects. Thanks, among other things, to contributions from the APE “, no participation is required from families for the activities and all children can benefit from them. The APE is also a good way to get to know other families, in a friendly and caring atmosphere”, underlines the president. Julie. The APE’s activities program for the 2024-2025 school year will be presented during the general assembly which will be held in October.

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