Violent Clash and Injury Overshadow Hungary’s Victory in European Championship Match

Violent Clash and Injury Overshadow Hungary’s Victory in European Championship Match

There is a violent clash during the European Championship match between Scotland and Hungary.

During a free kick, Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn (28) comes out and collides at full speed with opponent Barnabas Varga (29) and teammate Tony Ralston (25). Varga gets an elbow from Gunn on his chin.

Center forward Varga then lay unconscious on the ground. His teammates immediately frantically called for paramedics. They treated the Hungarian on the pitch.

Varga is treated under cover


As the TV footage shows, teammate Dominik Szoboszlai even has tears in his eyes. The Liverpool professional even helps the paramedics bring the stretcher onto the pitch.

After several minutes of treatment, Varga is carried off the field. The paramedics hold up a blanket so that the spectators cannot see anything.

Also interesting


Also interesting


As he leaves the field, there is applause in the stadium. The game continues shortly afterwards.

Shortly before the end of the game, the redeeming news comes: Varga is conscious, can communicate with his environment and is on his way to the hospital.

Hungary’s Football Association tweeted: “Barnabás Varga’s condition is stable!”

At the press conference after the match, national coach Marco Rossi announced that Varga had broken his cheekbone and would need surgery. He would not be playing in the European Championships.

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The match, which is so important for both national teams, fades into the background. Hungary wins 1-0 with a goal by Csoboth in the 10th minute of injury time.

Csoboth mit dem Varga-Trikot

Foto: Getty Images

The goalscorer then celebrates wearing Vargas’s jersey. The entire national team also celebrates their injured player. But the victory is also celebrated.

This means the team slips to third place and still has a chance of progressing with four points. At the European Championship, the four best third-placed teams advance.

Barnabas Varga plays in the Verein bei Ferencváros Budapest

Photo: Antonio Calanni/AP

The Scots, on the other hand, are eliminated from the European Championship as last in their group.

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