Urso: A Historic Day for Sicily as the Land of the Future

Urso: A Historic Day for Sicily as the Land of the Future

Source: daily on May 31, 2024

“We thus mark a point – added Urso – in the economic development trajectory of an entire region, of the country and of the European Union. It is a milestone, an event of extraordinary importance to reaffirm the role of a hub for the development of microelectronics of Italy and the Etna Valley”.

Urso, a historic day for Sicily, is the land of the future (On Friday 31 May 2024) “The day of today is historical for the Sicilywhich will become the terra of the future for Italy, which is on its way to being a leading country in microelectronics, for Europe, which can highlight how it is in a position to create multinational European champions that are leaders in the world. For this I thank Vice President Vestager, with whom we have worked since the beginning in a continuous, constant and direct relationship so that our citizens can finally understand that our future it is in our Europe”. Thus Minister Adolfo Ursus at the presentation of the new module of StMicroelectronics of Catania “Una day historical for the Sicilyfor Italy, for Europe – said the minister – today we announce the investment of 5 billion by STMicroelectronics in Catania, in which Mimit participates with 2 billion euros: the second largest investment approved to date by the Commission European Union within the Chips Act.Read the whole news in the newspaper News on other sources

  • Spain, law on amnesty for Catalan independence activists approved. Puidgemont: “Historic day” – . Thus the former Catalan president and leader of Junts for Catalonia commented on the green light from Congress to the legislation, of which he is among the main beneficiaries. The article Spain, the amnesty law for Catalan independence activists approved. The controversial legislation paves the way for the return to Spain of former president Charles Puigdemont, who fled abroad in October 2017. ilfactoquotidiano
  • Badminton, Giovanni Toti’s Olympic qualification made official: “It’s an exciting and historic day” – . Australia therefore declined the quota in the men’s singles and there were no other Oceanic countries other than Australia and New Zealand represented in the top 250 positions of the Olympic ranking, so the quota was reallocated to the first of the non-qualifiers, Giovanni Toti. Thanks and congratulations to the entire Italian Badminton Federation and to all those who contributed to this extraordinary achievement for our country.” oasis sport
  • Badminton, it’s a historic day! Rosa De Marco is the first Italian at the Paralympics! – I would like to thank all the staff who follow me daily in Santa Marinella, Linda Zinno my athletic trainer who helps me develop body and mind; Daniele Carlone, my physiotherapist and sparring player, always present for any pain; Jennifer and Sonia from the Federal Secretariat who have always worked behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly; Thaira for being there from the beginning, Gioele, Claudio and Antonio my trusted sparring partners, friends and brothers; I would like to thank Luigi Izzo who was my first coach and Davide Izzo my first friend in Badminton. oasis sport

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