Ubud Huishan Crowned Champions at 3×3 Basketball Masters Chengdu, Chinese Players Regroup for Success

Original title: 3×3 Basketball Masters Chengdu: Ubud, Huishan win the championship, Chinese players adjust the lineup

On the 23rd, the 2024 FIBA ​​3×3 World Tour Masters Chengdu Station came to an end. The top seed Ubud Huishan team defeated Lausanne team to win the championship, while the Beijing team, which was composed of members of the Chinese national training team, was eliminated in the semifinals.

The Lausanne team advanced to the finals after eliminating the Beijing team. A controversial scene occurred halfway through the semifinal between the two teams. After Zhao Jiaren of the Beijing team faked a defender, the defender fell on Zhao Jiaren, but the referee did not call a foul. Zhao Jiaren was affected and lost the ball. The Lausanne team immediately hit a two-pointer to tie the score at 9:9. Since then, the Beijing team’s offense has been stuck, and they finally lost the game 12:22.

The Beijing team’s lineup this time is composed of Zhang Ning, Zhao Jiaren, Lu Wenbo and Yan Peng. After the game, head coach Wang Zhanyu said: “This is the first time for the four of them to play as a team. There may be ups and downs in stability and tacit understanding. This combination is also an attempt. Before the Olympics, we will continue to see which (lineup) will have a better effect.”

The Beijing team defeated the eventual champion Ubud Huishan team in the first match of the group match the day before, and Zhang Ning scored 12 points in this match. “The first match of the season is the highest level in the world, and we met the world’s number one Ubud team, including the recent performance of the Lausanne team. We should cherish such an opportunity before the Olympics.” Zhang Ning said after all the games. He also said that he lost in the semi-finals due to physical fitness, and will continue to improve his physical reserve.

The finals lasted until the last 36 seconds, with Ubud Huishan and Lausanne keeping the score close. Then Ubud Huishan made a foul from the outside and made two free throws to lead 19:17. At the last moment, Lausanne had no choice but to use the foul tactic to send the opponent to the free throw line. Although the team made a buzzer beater, it could not change the outcome of the defeat. Ubud Huishan finally won 20:19.

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