TV3’s tremendous lack of respect for the Spanish anthem at the Spanish F1 Grand Prix

TV3’s tremendous lack of respect for the Spanish anthem at the Spanish F1 Grand Prix

This Sunday the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix is ​​being held, surrounded by rumors and speculation about possible changes to the drivers’ teams. Furthermore, the moments leading up to the race have been marked, as usual, by controversies surrounding the interpretation of the Spanish anthem.

The Catalan channel TV3 has been criticized for the lack of respect towards the Spanish national anthem at the Montmeló circuit. During the performance of the anthem, the network chose to continue with the introduction of the test instead of respecting the solemn moment. While in the images you could see the Spanish drivers Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz standing at attention, TV3 continued its broadcast in Catalan, ignoring the anthem that was playing in the background. This act was perceived as a lack of respect towards the anthem and towards the pilots who represented Spain in the event.

However, when the time came to perform Els reapers, TV3 maintained a respectful silence, allowing viewers to listen to it without interruptions. This difference in the treatment of anthems did not go unnoticed and generated a debate about respect and equity in the coverage of international events in which national and regional symbols are involved.

Despite the controversy, the Spanish drivers, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, were the most applauded by the audience. Both received a standing ovation and support during the Spanish F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona. This event, which has been a pillar of the Formula 1 calendar, will remain in the city until 2026. Barcelona wants to continue afterwards, although it will also be held in Madrid

During the broadcast of the anthems, flags of Spain and Catalonia were displayed. Among the important figures present were Stefano Domenicali, president and CEO of Formula 1, Pere Aragonés, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Jordi Hereu, president of the Montmeló circuit. The presence of these personalities underlined the importance of the event both on a sporting and political level.

A curiosity this year was that, unlike 2023, fans were able to show Spanish flags to support Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso. Last year, the Montmeló circuit had banned flags citing reasons of visibility for spectators. This ban had generated discomfort among fans, who saw it as an excessive and restrictive measure. This year, however, the atmosphere was more permissive, allowing supporters to express their support in more visible and colorful ways.

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