TV Salzkotten / TV Jahn Bad Lippspringe Fighters Show Grit in Tough Matches

The boys from the fighting team TV Salzkotten / TV Jahn Bad Lippspringe had a tough day today. On the second day of fighting in Gütersloh they first had to play against KG PSV Bochum/Hattingen, then against the host Gütersloher TV and directly after that against the league leaders SUA Witten.

It was a close game against Bochum / Hattingen, with a final score of 4:6, just one win away from a draw. The boys suffered a similar fate against the hosts. What was particularly annoying was that Feruzbeck did not put enough weight on his shoulder when lifting -66kg, which meant he was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct and was not allowed to play against Witten. The hosts lost this match 3:7. Our boys had no chance against the Bundesliga juniors from SUA Witten and had to concede the match 0:10 without the 66 and 55.

Nevertheless, we saw some great victories, great individual performances and great actions. The young team did well against competitors who were often several years older. The coach Sina and the two Bad Lippspringers Sascha and Frederik can be very proud of their team.

2024-06-15 15:14:16
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