Toilet problems in fan zones in Germany

Toilet problems in fan zones in Germany

It’s not as if German cities are just beginning to gain experience with large-scale events. It’s all the more surprising that the complaints are similar. For once, this does not refer to the unpunctuality of Deutsche Bahn.

Football fans usually take train delays in their stride. They usually arrive early because there is something to celebrate and, well, drink to before the game.

What if it becomes summer too?

But composure and a sense of dignified behavior inevitably desert him, usually the male one, when in urgent moments there is a lack of an important place: toilets. The consequences are always unpleasant, and degrading for women. Above all, this whole tricky business is avoidable.

Anyone who plans such large fan zones and takes into account very generous profit margins thanks to sometimes absurdly overpriced drinks should also be able to calculate the downside more precisely and anticipate what the result will be (below).

At the moment it seems as if the European football championship is being held alongside a continental championship in public urination. What will happen when summer arrives?


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