Three minors die from the rains in NL due to tropical storm Alberto – El Sol de México

Three minors die from the rains in NL due to tropical storm Alberto – El Sol de México

Monterrey.- The rains resulting from Storm Alberto caused the death of three minors, one drowned and two due to electric shock, reported state Civil Protection.

In the first case, a 16-year-old minor drowned in the La Silla River, when he entered the riverbed to retrieve a ball that had fallen into the water.

The events took place on Lago de Chapala Street at its intersection with the aforementioned river in the Hacienda neighborhood, south of Monterrey.

The authorities reported that the minor was playing soccer near the tributary with his cousins, but when the ball fell into the riverbed and he went for it, he drowned.

The minor’s relatives took the body out of the water, but it was already lifeless, as confirmed by Civil Protection, which went to the scene.

On the other hand, in the municipality of Allende, about 60 kilometers south of Monterrey, two children under 12 years of age died as a result of an electric shock when they touched a cable during heavy rain.

The mayor of Allende, Patricia Salazar, confirmed the death of the two minors, who were playing during the rain on their respective bicycles in the Los Álamos neighborhood.

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The teenagers touched a line that supported a light pole, which was grounded, so the boys were electrocuted, commented the municipal president.

State authorities called on parents to keep their children indoors so as not to expose them to risk.

The forecasts indicate extreme rain with more than 250 millimeters, which is why the authorities insist that they do not go out, those three deaths could have been avoided,” commented Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León.

Until the cutoff at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday, there were only flooded overpasses, but there were no people incommunicado, commented the state president.

Between 10 pm on Wednesday and 7:00 am on Thursday the strongest of the water comes, he explained.

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