They block the Veracruz highway again after an eviction that caused two deaths – El Sol de México

They block the Veracruz highway again after an eviction that caused two deaths – El Sol de México

Perote, Veracruz. Peasants and ranchers continue to block the Perote-Xalapa highway, in Veracruz, after the eviction, by elements of the State Police and Civil Force, which caused two deaths. Now, the demand is based on justice for the events that occurred this afternoon.

This is the second blockade that took place during the day, since in the morning a group of farmers belonging to the water defenders association of the Cuenca Libres-eastern closed the road. However, they were evicted by members of the Veracruz police, two of whom were injured.

With stones, logs and burning tires, numerous inhabitants of the community of Totalco, Veracruz, keep the road closed, and will continue to do so until the state authorities appear to explain the attacks by the elements of the State Police and the Civil Force. .

Why did the farmers and ranchers block the Perote-Xalapa highway?

The group of farmers from the communities of Totalco and Tezontepec began the blockade to demand the closure of the Granjas Carroll animal feed factory, located in San Antonio Totalco, belonging to the municipality of Perote, between the limits of Veracruz and Puebla, since causes damage to the environment and contaminates its water.

One of the protesters explained to Diario de Xalapa that the demonstration is to demand that the food factory stop operating, “since it has caused damage to the environment that affects their crops and water.”

In addition, he pointed out that they want immediate justice to be done for the death of the young people who were peacefully carrying out the blockade. “What we ask is for that factory to stop operating, that is why we started the blockade, because it is damaging the environment and the water we drink. It is not fair that that company has clean water and we who live in this place we don’t have it.”

The protesters assured that they will not move from that place, because they want an explanation for the attacks carried out by the police elements. “What they did to us was repression, that’s why we demanded justice, imagine how angry we are, now you can imagine the family of the people who died today,” he said.

On Tuesday, farmers and ranchers were waiting for the state authority to make known their requests, including removing the factory from the community. However, since they did not attend, they made the decision to carry out the blockade from Wednesday.

He said that they will continue blocking the road until their requests are attended to and an authority explains to them why they were attacked this afternoon when they were peacefully carrying out the blockade.

Finally, he explained that during the eviction, the young people who died ran and were chased and later learned that they had died. “What we want is justice for the young people who died, we know that they tried to defend themselves, and a tractor was damaged. We realized that the authorities arrived and removed the bodies, that’s why we want justice and we will not move from here.” , he concluded.

What happened in the eviction of the farmers who blocked the Perote-Xalapa highway?

The demonstration of farmers began on the night of Wednesday, June 19, in protest because Granjas Carroll extracts and contaminates the water in the region and they ask for a stop to the extraction of water from the Basin and the non-contamination of water and land by from private companies. The farmers also settled there because they do not receive the support from the authorities as they had been promised. They reached this resolution after holding an assembly.

After the meeting, they made the decision to block access to the factory this Thursday, June 20, and paralyzed vehicular traffic on the Perote-Xalapa highway. After several hours of blockade, elements of the Civil Force and Police in charge of the Public Security Secretariat of the state of Veracruz arrived at the site to clear the roads.

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According to witnesses, during the episode there were struggles and gunshots. This police action left two people dead, as well as three injured police officers, according to the State Attorney General’s Office and the Government Secretariat.

Note originally published by Diario de Xalapa.

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