The video of Biden’s slip at the G-7 meeting is ‘fake news’

The video of Biden’s slip at the G-7 meeting is ‘fake news’

BarcelonaIn the midst of the US presidential race, audiovisual montages are proliferating to tilt the electoral balance. Not all news manipulations succeed, but some do, like the latest video of Joe Biden during the parachuting demonstration at the G7 summit, where he was seen seemingly disoriented. In the video widely disseminated on the networks, it is only a shortened fragment of reality: the president of the United States is not looking at nothing: in the previous omitted seconds, it can be seen how the candidate of the Democrats addresses a paratrooper.

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As mentioned on Friday in the ARA, this is not the first montage spread on the networks that aims to emphasize the supposed senile state of Biden. The video montage of the US president walking away from the group of G7 presidents reached 2 million views. In addition to the viral phenomenon on the networks, the right-wing media also did not miss this opportunity to discredit Trump’s rival. One of the most prominent cases is the comedian of the late night American Stephen Colbert, who opened his program with a joke in bad taste: “Breaking news: President Joe Biden is old!”.

The video fake it was made during the G7 summit that was held from June 13 to 15 in Italy, with Meloni as host. In fact, it was the far-right Italian president who rushed to allegedly help Biden to reintegrate him into the group of presidents, thus accentuating the Democrat’s false disorientation. But as seen from minute 5:20 of the original, non-viralized video, the paratroopers land one by one next to the presidents. That’s when Biden goes to one of the paratroopers and gives him a thumbs up in support and thanks for the air operation.

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