The Ultimate Guide: Pickleball, the Viral Sport of the Moment

The Ultimate Guide: Pickleball, the Viral Sport of the Moment

Pickleball is the new viral sport. It’s actually not that new, but it has been gaining enormous popularity in recent times. It is played with paddles and combines the best elements of ping pong, tennis and badminton. If you add to all of this the fact that it can be practiced by anyone and at any age, success is assured.

Originated in the United States in the 1960s, it promises to delight the whole family. This complete pickleball guide will give you
all the information you need to get started. From the rules and basic equipment to the physical and mental health benefits of your practice.

What is pickleball

It turns out that one day three people (Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum) were trying to find a way to entertain their families during a summer vacation with a game that everyone could participate in. There was a badminton court, but there was a lack of equipment, so they played with ping pong paddles. Over time, they developed new rules and thus it became a sport. Basically,
It involves a combination of several practices, including tennis, badminton and table tennis.

Today, pickleball continues to gain recognition and a 2023 report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association explained that
remains the fastest growing sport in the world for the third consecutive year. It’s so popular because it’s fun, social, and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It’s easy to start playing and hard to stop! You only need a shovel and a ball.

The rules of pickleball

The rules are very simple. You serve from the baseline and the shot must be at or below your waist. You must serve in the area diagonally in front of you. The serve also has to bounce before the opposing player can return the ball. A bit like in tennis.

The rest can land anywhere on the opposite side of the runway, as long as they are within the boundaries of the field. The ball must also bounce before the serving team can take the third overall shot, its second counting the serve,
a concept called the ‘double bounce rule’.

Afterwards the only rule that applies is that you must be behind the ‘no volley line’ if you want to hit before the ball bounces on the court.
The most important thing to remember When it comes to scoring, you can only earn a point if you are serving. Most pickleball games are played to 11 points and you have to win by two.

The benefits of pickleball

In addition to being fun, the game of pickleball is also
It has many health benefits. The fast-paced, high-intensity nature of the sport makes it an aerobic exercise. A study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity found that older adults who played pickleball for eight weeks experienced improvements in their cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and agility. You will also increase your aerobic capacity.

As you will be forced to make many forward, backward and lateral movements, as well as changes in direction to reach the ball, you will improve your agility, balance and overall body control. Also, if you practice it regularly,
you can expect improvements in muscle tone.

Along with the physical benefits of pickleball, there are also others from the social aspect of the sport. pickleball
often played in teams (lifelong doubles), which promotes social interactions and friendship. And keep in mind that it is also an inclusive and accessible sport that people of all ages can practice.

Because it’s so fun, it’s a fantastic way to train strength, flexibility, and explosiveness through exercises like lateral lunges, forward and backward lunges, squats, and more.
Core work is another important part of every movement on the court. More incentives, impossible.

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