The Transformation of Lionel Messi: How Nutrition Changed His Career

The Transformation of Lionel Messi: How Nutrition Changed His Career

In addition to his innate talent, Lionel Messi He had to change his way of eating since his body was not responding as he wanted. Given this, she turned to a nutritionist who changed his habits and it had a lot to do with Martin Demichelis. The current coach of River He recommended a professional and from that moment on he began to take better care of himself.

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“Since 2014 I felt that I had to make a change, I did not feel well and I could get more out of my physique. Martín (Demichelis) made me meet this doctor, I went for a couple of years and I learned a lot from him, then I went changing and adding things, going back to doing things I did before,” he recalled.

Then, he added: “It goes through the trust of the person who guides you, who tries to help and knowing how to know their body and feeling what is good for you, what is not.” The star shared a lot of time with Demichelis in the National Team, they were runners-up in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and he recommended that he deal with the Italian Giuliano Poser.

For an important period, Messi had to travel to Sacile, a town in northern Italy, and that considerably improved his body. In fact, after his physical improvement, he won the treble with Barcelona (League, Copa del Rey and Champions League) and had an injury-free season in which he played 57 of the 60 games. Messi followed Poser’s plan until 2018.

“I tried to grow in that aspect, in care, in doing hamstring prevention work, I have had many injuries, doing strength work, which in my career I had not done many legs in the gym, adding everything I could help to continue performing. All that does not mean that you are not going to get injured, but it does mean that I try to take care of myself,” he concluded.

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