the third in a row, number 31 in its history. Bologna beaten 85-73 in game 4

the third in a row, number 31 in its history.  Bologna beaten 85-73 in game 4

EA7 Milano is Italian champion. For the third consecutive year, for the 31st time in Olimpia’s history. Beats Segafredo Bologna 85-73 and closes the series 3-1. The second period was decisive at 24-13 and the start of the third period with a further 10-0.

Trieste flies to Serie A, Sebastiani will find Cantù in A2 and the newly promoted Avellino and Libertas Livorno


Milan flies to +20 and Bologna no longer has any, despite trying to recover something at the end when they find -7 with ninety seconds to go with Cordinier, 21 points, last to give up. Milan is very precise from the bezel, and Mirotic is impeccable with 30 points and 16/18 on free throws and 12 rebounds.

He is deservedly named the MVP of the finals. Melli helps him with 12 points and 8 rebounds. Virtus does badly from three, 5/25, Belinelli does badly, 0 points and 0/4 from the field which follows the 4/12 in game 3. Virtus consoles itself with the renewed sponsorship contact with the Segafredo group, owned by Massimo Zanetti, owner of Virtus. It’s a good starting point for next season and for obtaining the renewal of the temporary license in the Euroleague.

Meanwhile, Serie A, which said goodbye to Pesaro and Brindisi just over a month ago, embraces the newly promoted Trapani and Trieste. For the Sicilians it is a return to the top flight after 32 years of waiting, thanks to a president, Valerio Antonini, who is certainly volcanic, but who at the beginning of the season took on the city’s teams to obtain promotion. He succeeded, both in basketball and in football, winning the Lega Pro. For the Trieste it is an immediate rise, just twelve months ago they were relegated, yesterday they resumed Serie A by beating Cantù in front of 6500 spectators, an absolute record for the series A2.


Assago Forum still sold out. Belinelli, who replaced his match three disqualification with a fine, starts from the bench. Hackett scores Bologna’s first five points (0-5), but Milan overtakes at 15-7 also thanks to the bonus of fouls reached by Virtus after less than five minutes. Cordinier and Pajola give the shock and Bologna draws 17-17. At the tenth it’s 22-23. Melli is a factor in defense and attack, Napier precise from three: at the 16th it is 36-28. Mirotic dominates, Milan extends 44-32. At long rest it is 46-36, the second period is 24-13.

A different Virtus is expected from the locker rooms, but EA7 doesn’t give up an inch. Melli scores a triple and two free throws to make it 54-36 in the 24th. Mirotic makes it 56-36, Bologna tries to get closer, but Shileds scores a triple making it 59-40. Flaccadori places a 20-point gap between the two teams, 63-43, and at the third break it is 66-50. Virtus goes on a 4-0 run to make it 66-54, then Abass makes it 68-57 in the 34th minute. Lundberg makes it 69-60, but Mirotic makes an impossible triple for 72-60 in the 35th. In the end for the Montenegrin sthey will have 30 with 16/18 free throws and 12 rebounds. Shields (10 points) sends Milan back to 78-64, Polonara makes it 78-69 in the 37th. Cordinier (21 points) makes it 80-73 with 90 seconds left. Mirotic and Shileds give it 83-73. It ends 85-73Milano wins and the Forum celebrates.


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