The success of De la Fuente’s ‘Españita’, a selection “without marketing”

The success of De la Fuente’s ‘Españita’, a selection “without marketing”

Spain’s surgical strike against Croatiadazzled football Europe, which does not consider Luis de la Fuente’s pupils as one of the favorite teams to win the Euro Cup. The 3-0 score at half-time at the Berlin Olympic Stadium made more than one person rub their eyes and had a curious effect on the Spanish fans.

Between the tiqui-taca and the “win, win and win” of Luis

While in Donausechingen the journalists who carry out daily coverage of the national team noted with surprise how the Spaniards were not taken into account among the candidates to fight for the title, in Spain the media editorial offices showed total indifference towards De la Fuente’s group . Between the Stockholm syndrome of the former and the sloppiness of the latter, this choral selection has emerged that surprisingly devastated Modric’s team in the first half. Because The match against the Croats closed a stage: After 136 consecutive games, Spain lost possession in a game for the first time (52% for the rival). Something that has not happened since the 2008 Euro Cup in Austria. The epilogue of the tiqui-taca.

This young, brazen and upright Spain uses other weapons and has a very different profile. A more choral character with players that De la Fuente has been amassing for years in the lower categories of the national team. “A gang” of kids, as Mikel Oyarzabal defined To the group in EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, which despite accumulating all kinds of titles in the last five years, does not have international recognition or even the complicity of the Spanish fans. Players who have left Spain to make their way in other leagues and other countries where they are held in much higher regard than in our country.

In the hours before the match against Croatia, Álvaro Morata, captain of the team and a player who has played for Juventus or Chelsea, in addition to being a striker for Real Madrid and Atlético, raised his voice to denounce this disregard for the players of this team. selection. “ANDI understand that we don’t have any player who has scored 50 or 60 goals, but for me Rodri is a star, Nacho is a star, Carvajal is a star... We have the tendency in Spain to love those who have left our club and less like those who play in many clubs. But our strength is the team and there are our players who are great.”

The Madrid native, who with his goal against Croatia has risen to the podium of scorers in the history of the Euro Cup with seven goals, after Cristiano Ronaldo (13) and Platini (9), added names and surnames to his reflection: “If Rodri had social networks and made all the possible announcements, wouldn’t he be a world star? If Dani Olmo were recognized as he is in Germany and Spain, wouldn’t he be a world star? Bayern Munich wants him, English teams want him. Lamine Yamal… Isn’t he a world star at 16 years old? Nico Williams can easily be worth 120 million euros now. In the end we tend to look at what is outside. From looking at the stars from other countries. Of course there are, but look at the consideration there is… Ask a German journalist what he thinks of Dani Olmo, ask an Italian journalist what he thinks of Fabián Ruiz, ask him how many teams would take Mikel Merino.”

“If Fabián wasn’t called Fabián…”

Regarding Fabián Ruiz, proclaimed best player against Croatia after breaking the game with an assist and a goal in three minutes, coach Luis de la Fuente also put the focus, adding to Morata’s reflection: “What can I tell you about Fabián! He is a player exceptional, world-class. If his name wasn’t Fabián, you would talk about him a lot more. We know the potential it has, but I would like us to recognize our players more and value what they have done. They have won everything since they were kids and have a huge track record in their clubs. Players who are working in the shadows on many occasions and should have greater media recognition than they have.”

The Paris Saint-Germain player preferred to distance himself from the debate surrounding him: “I have never thought about whether I am undervalued or not. I try to do my job on the field of play. I can’t worry about what happens outside, so I don’t waste a second on it. I try to do the best possible for my club and the selection. It is an honor to represent my country in a European Championship and I thank the coach for giving me the opportunity.” In 2019, De la Fuente already made Fabián the leader of his Under-21 team, becoming European champion in Italy and San Marino. .

As Mikel Merino and Rodri were in 2015 in Greece, in the 2019 category, with Haro on the bench. The Manchester City midfielder, of whom Morata has repeated on many occasions that “he lacks marketing. Otherwise he would be fighting for the Ballon d’Or”prefers to keep his profile low and continues to turn his back on social networks. “I don’t play football for that, it’s true that sometimes Morata tells me that, but I understand football in another direction. What fills me are the collective titles,” says Rodri.

Without marketing, without media stars and undervalued in the forecasts, this ‘Españita’ from De la Fuente has hit the table on this opening day of the Euro Cup. A solid victory that, however, does not divert the group from the final objective, “to continue competing. We cannot take one step before the next. And if we do, we will make mistakes and end up stumbling.” De la Fuente’s second, Pablo Amo, verbalized this in conversation with this media in Donausechingen three days before the tournament.

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