The Soul of the Champion: Marco Maddaloni’s Autobiography Published by Roberto Nicolucci Editore

The Soul of the Champion: Marco Maddaloni’s Autobiography Published by Roberto Nicolucci Editore

The volume published by Roberto Nicolucci Editore

«The soul of the champion», autobiography of the judo champion Marco Maddaloni and published by Roberto Nicolucci publisher, will be presented on Wednesday 19 June at 6 pm at the «Feltrinelli Express» of Naples central station. During the event, in addition to the author, the journalist and television presenter Barbara Petrillo and the judoka Pino Maddaloni, winner of the gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, will speak.


The autobiography

Spontaneity, strength and determination are just some of the qualities that emerge from the exciting pages of the book The soul of the champion by Marco Maddaloni. A story through which it is possible to follow the various stages of the judoka’s sporting career, his personal experience and his private sphere, and in which it is not only the athlete who stands out, but also the man. Through stories of everyday life, anecdotes and moments of introspection, Marco Maddaloni narrates himself in his entirety and does not hide, alongside the victories, the failures, alongside the strengths, the weaknesses, in a game of contrasts which often sees shadows opposing each other of a suburban Naples in the lights of the podium and television.

The experiences on the small screen, with the two victories of Beijing Express and The Island of the Famous, have contributed to the emergence of a personality as complex as it is authentic, which Marco Maddaloni wanted to condense in this autobiography.


The torment of a man who knows hard work and sacrifice, who fights with self-sacrifice to achieve his goals, emerges forcefully from the pages of the book. A man who knows frustration, disappointment, a man capable, however, at the same time, of not giving up, of not letting go even when the bitter taste in the mouth becomes unbearable. Anger, tenderness, unconditional love for family and children then show us the other side of the coin of a life always lived to the fullest, in all its fullness, despite a thousand difficulties and contradictions. Thus, without filters, masks or constructions, the judoka opens up to the reader, lets him into his home, takes him away with him during competitions, makes him travel along the common thread of his most intimate thoughts, giving him full access to his heart. of the man and the soul of the champion.

Marco Maddaloni

Marco Maddaloni is a world-famous athlete and judoka. He has won numerous titles during his career as an athlete. In 2002, at just 17 years old, he was the absolute judo champion of the Italian Republic. He was also a two-time European under 23 champion (in 2004 in Ljubljana and 2005 in Kiev) and three times winner of the world cup (in 2013 in Glasgow, in 2014 in Miami and in 2015 in Wollongong, Australia ).

He was part of the Carabinieri Sports Center, of the Fiamme Oro sports group of the State Police and, finally, of the Fiamme Azzurre sports group of the Penitentiary Police. In 2019, he received Albanian citizenship. For about ten years he has now been a well-known face on the Italian television scene, in 2013 he won, paired with Massimiliano Rosolino, the second edition of Beijing Express and, in 2019, he won first place in the fourteenth edition of L’isola dei famous .

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