The solidity of Carlos Rodríguez for his assault on the Tour box

The solidity of Carlos Rodríguez for his assault on the Tour box

The solidity of Carlos Rodríguez is the 1st stone for his assault on the Tour box

Tremendous Dauphiné final, with Jorngenson playing the senior league, Roglic under pressure, Derek Gee signing a tremendous podium and Carlos Rodríguez showing all the endorsements for his next step. the Tour podium.

That’s right, the Tour podium, fifth last year, winner of one of the toughest stages, coming out alive from the head-to-head of Pogacar and Vingegaard, Carlos Rodríguez has elements to dream about.

First his progression, brutal for such a young boy, but for some time now as slow as it is sure, as solid as it is constant.

The one from Almuñécar got in front very quickly, and of course, when you compete against these people, every step forward is celebrated as a victory.

Getting there is “relatively easy”, staying and progressing in that ecosystem is another level.

And in that is Carlos Rodríguez, who will not give a bang like Vingegaard, Remco or Pogacarhe will not sign great banners like Roglic, but he is, always present, there, ready to take the step among giants.

The final day of the Dauphiné has reminded us of all those virtues that adorn it.

He has been among the best every day, but in none of them had he been the best, he never lost face in the race, he pursued and conceded when it was his turn and on the final day, in the middle of the chaos he joined forces with Matteo Jorgenson to give him more pressure on Primoz Roglic.

Win this stage, the final of the Dauphiné, far from Remco and Primoz, collaborating just enough with the American wonder.

With this calico, I don’t see winning, I only glimpse it in the hands of 2 or 3, and we all know their names, but Carlos Rodriguez can aspire to the Tour podium, perfectly.

It has elements that blow tail, in its favor.

To begin with, his individual quality, of not being out of place in any field, a sufferer when it’s his turn, a killer when appropriate, he knows what to do at every moment, with a privileged physique, a winning mentality and, above all, an intelligence that he has proven in other facets of life.

He never explodes, he never gives up, not even when falls happen that leave him looking like a Nazarene, his suit in tatters and blood showing between the scratches.

It is 110% reliable.

When the days go by and you evaluate people, a bad day almost never happens, on the contrary, you will lose a little each day, but when the time comes you are ahead and you stick out your head.

The Tour route suits him and he is surrounded by a team that if there is one thing that stands out, it is in their love for the great race of the year.

Possibly, on paper he has several names ahead of him, but the natural selection of the Tour will surely make him gain places in the general classification.

We saw it last year, but also in Itzulia, Romandía and this Dauphiné.

He is without a doubt one of the most reliable values ​​in the peloton.

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