The Rise of French Women’s Basketball: Marine Johannès Reflects on Progress and Challenges Ahead

The Rise of French Women’s Basketball: Marine Johannès Reflects on Progress and Challenges Ahead

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

A true star of French women’s basketball, Marine Johannès had the opportunity to play in the French championship as well as in the WNBA. During a recent interview, the former Liberty player also delivered an uncompromising observation on the beautiful orange in France.

For the moment, no one knows where Marine Johannès will play next season. The playmaker left ASVEL because of her financial difficulties and is preparing to compete in the Olympic Games with the French team, but no visibility beyond this summer. Some rumors indicate a possible departure for Turkey, where it would be very popular.

Regardless, the Habs should have no shortage of offers as they delight fans with their performances on the court, whether in the French championship or even in the WNBA. Her American experience has also allowed her to establish a comparison between the situation across the Atlantic and that of France, in terms of the progression of women’s basketball. She also gave her opinion to The Roster :

Big progress for women’s basketball according to MJ23

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The Roster : The WNBA is gaining popularity in the United States. What do you think of the media coverage of women’s basketball in France? Should we do more?

Marine Johannès : We can always do more, but yes it necessarily evolves. We can see very clearly that in the United States alone, the WNBA is much more followed but I have the impression that in France it is starting to follow too.

There are a lot more media talking about it and so all of this is obviously good for women’s basketball in general. Afterwards, there are quite a few American players playing in Europe, which is a good thing. The more we talk about any league, the more positive it is for women’s basketball.

MJ23 says it clearly, the women’s sector enjoys ever greater exposure in the USA as well as in France and that is obviously all the better. While we have seen phenomena such as Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese make their debut in the WNBA this season, we regret that the Frenchie cannot cross swords with them on the courts from now on.

Women’s basketball is still very far from attracting as many people as its men’s counterpart, but the trend remains positive for Marine Johannès. The latter is also one of the athletes who allow the discipline to gain notoriety.

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