The results of Saturday’s matches at the European Championships

The results of Saturday’s matches at the European Championships

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The busiest days of matches of the men’s European football championships, which this year are being held in Germany, began on Saturday 15 June. In fact, until June 26th three matches will be played per day: one at 3pm, one at 6pm and the last at 9pm. These are the matches of the 6 groups, each of which includes 4 teams. The first and second-placed teams from each group will advance to the round of 16, as well as the four best among the third-placed teams.

Saturday started with Hungary-Switzerland, finished 1-3 for Switzerland: it is the first surprising result of these European Championships, given that Hungary had been undefeated for more than a year and was considered by several commentators as one of the potential surprises of this tournament. At 6pm the game was played instead Spain-Croatia, won 3-0 by Spain. It was the most anticipated match of the day, and it did not disappoint expectations: there were several goals, several other occasions, a penalty saved, a goal disallowed, and the debut of the youngest player ever to play a European Championship match, the 16-year-old Barcelona striker Lamine Yamal.

The day ended with Italy-Albania, won by Italy 2-1 thanks to goals by Bastoni and Barella scored in the first half after conceding the fastest goal in the history of the competition. Italy controlled the game for most of the match, but did not appear to be very brilliant, especially in attack where they wasted some opportunities to increase the lead. At the end they also risked conceding the equalizer, which was avoided thanks to a save by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The Albanian national team celebrates after a 3-0 home win against the Czech Republic, Tirana, October 12, 2023 (Armando Babani/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, in the opening match between Germany and Scotland, something notable has already been glimpsed, in addition to Germany’s excellent performance: for the first time in a high-level tournament a decision taken by VAR, i.e. the technology that allows an action to be reviewed and modify a decision made by the referee on the field, was explained to the public on the stadium screens. Until now, decisions made by the referee following a VAR check were only explained to the players on the pitch.

The experiment was announced a few days ago by UEFA, the European football federation which among other things organizes the European Championships, and will continue throughout the tournament.

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