The losers on Monday, there is also bad luck at the European Championships

The losers on Monday, there is also bad luck at the European Championships

It officially kicked off over the weekend that just passed, Euro 2024. And, already in these very first matches, one thing was clearly understood: even the players In Europe, bad luck plays a significant role. And that’s why Monday losers returns in a version entirely dedicated to the continental competition that will fill our days for about a month. But who will be the protagonists of this start of the week and of this appointment?

Rudiger, right you

Among the teams that have impressed and impressed the most in these first three days there is undoubtedly the Germania. A clear and peremptory 5-1 with which Scotland was literally annihilated in terms of play, intensity, tactics and hunger. However, there is a small, obviously almost invisible, stain: Rudiger’s own goal. A fortuitous header from the German defender. His annoyed and almost angry reaction shows that it was bad luck. We are strongly convinced of this Antonio.

A goal soon forgotten

Poland-Netherlands it was certainly one of the most interesting matches, with the Dutch comeback demonstrating the quality of Koeman’s national team, which could really be one of the loose cannons of the tournament. However, one of the best things about the match was the Polish network, the result of a masterful corner kick, finalized by Buksa. A network that few will remember.

David, David, David!

Italy beat Albania with a two-sided performance: a good first half and a second half based on pace and with a scary finish. However, the first match was good for the Azzurri, but there is a lot to review, fix and improve. He knows it well Davide Frattesi, constantly called upon, chastised and prodded by coach Spalletti during the 90 minutes. The Inter midfielder will probably still have his head explode and his ears ring again. And we complete the circle by dedicating the cover of the magazine to him Monday losers.

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